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  1. Ragnarök
    by Gallóglaigh
    Gallóglaigh draws inspiration from gaelic history, and the name itself means an elite mercenary - no surprise Ragnarok is a savage war hymn.
  2. The Cauldron Born
    by Galladorn
  3. The Heroes (Inspired by the music of Paul Anthony Romero)
    by Evoking Winds
    Childhood dreams come true - the themes from heroes are now present in shiny metal cover versions. Now my life is complete
  4. Saprophytic Divinations
    Quite an epic fucking fucking album from this monster USBM act. Good to know that the scene is not only alive and well but CRUSHING
  5. Something
    by Forteresse Cachee
  6. Black Holes
    by Brain
    Damnation Damnation
    What a discovery - the best of two worlds, modern and classic metal, Brain offers a truly sick album, full of variety, desperation and intensity.
  7. Bells Of The Drowned
    by Brundarkh
  8. Tales (EP)
    by Chris Maragoth
    Ah, Chris is always there to deliver that sweet melancholic metal I miss from my school times. A real wonder, Tales of a Girl brings me back to the first show when I heard Tears of Time and met my future wife. Hails to you sir!
  9. 43
    by Born A Ghost
    If Primitive Man is way too slow for you place your bet on Born A Ghost as its the best heavyweight prowler in the niche of bulldozing post metal that remains listenable and doesnt make you want to kill yourself.
  10. Forteresse
    by Hilde
  11. Silent Strength
    by Sevaskar
  12. Lies
    by Sevaskar
  13. The Lord Rebuke You Satan
    by Sevaskar
  15. Wintermute's Songs
    by LUH
    LUH возрождают забытое искусство лаконичного и продуманного пост метала, для всех поклонников ааронтерноровщины и красивых мелодий в экстремальной музыке.
    Пенза отдувается за всю Россию на мировой арене пост метала!
  16. A Connection to Eternity
    by Michael Hanna
    Over the Mountains and Across the Sea Over the Mountains and Across the Sea
    FFO Savatage, Virgin Steele and Judas Priest, in you face, epic metal that just rips your face off. Eclectic in sounds and genre blending which is very fresh! like it a lot. and also really really deep, seems like the artist really opened himself through this album!
    by Undesiccated
    A very unsettling atmosphere; the band manages to deconstruct the genre that is deconstructed by the very nature and idea. FUCKING HELL.
  18. X
    by Sevaskar
  19. Gjennom meg går ingen til hvile
    by Minneriket
    When Darkthrone becomes boring and the game gets a lil horny it’s time to blast Gjennom meg går ingen til hvile (I can't even translate it properly). Since the inception of Lacuna Coil, My Dying Bride and Theatre of Tragedy, combining male and female vocals has always possessed a certain charm for me, so the album is exactly the thing I love. And the overall atmosphere is so thick you could physically feel it as the album unfolds. 5/5, a great way to start the year.
  20. Luna Aeterna
    by Nýr Gata