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  1. Wintergatan Live at Victoriateatern
    by Wintergatan
    Paradis Paradis
    This performance honestly blew me away big time!
    This concert shows that Wintergatan are more than an incredible Marble Machine. They are musicians capable of writing very catchy melodies while utilising different gadgets not normally associated with musical instruments - but then again... what makes a musical instrument? I guess that everything that can produce a sound will qualify. I highly recommend this album :)
  2. Nexus
    by Monolith
    Pandaemonium Pandaemonium
  3. Empyrean [II]
    by Mechina
    Imperialus Imperialus
  4. To Coexist is to Surrender
    by Joe Tiberi, David Holch and Mel Rose
    This is possibly my favorite Mechina song. A stunning combination of story telling and symphonic/melodic deathmetal. It's one of the very few songs that'll send cold shivers down my spine as the story is told.
    "The rain begins to fall / A color never seen before"
    A true masterpiece! <3
  5. Xenon
    by Mechina
    4. Terrea 4. Terrea
  6. Spore
    by Sirens
    Unstable and Floating Unstable and Floating
  7. Humanity's Last Breath
    by Humanity's Last Breath
    Bellua Pt1 Bellua Pt1
  8. All Roads Lead Here
    Dark Age Of Technology Dark Age Of Technology