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  1. Porto, Portugal
  2. Rock
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  1. Split (2023 Remaster)
    by Lush
  2. You Could Do It Tonight
    by Couch Slut
  3. ...I Care Because You Do
    by Aphex Twin
  4. Feed Me Weird Things (Remastered)
    by Squarepusher
  5. Ultravisitor
    by Squarepusher
  6. Infinite Guitar 1
    by FINAL
  7. Strippe
    by monad node
  8. Tentakel statt Arme
    by monad node
  9. Abrieb, Fasern, Fusseln
    by monad node
  10. Neue Frakturen
    by monad node
  11. Echte Fakes mit falschen Zähnen
    by monad node
  12. ┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘┌┐└┘
    by monad node
  13. Volker stört die Signale
    by Babylon 90210
  14. Un culte sans rêve et sans merci
    by ■ david wallraf & monad node
  15. poor standards. low potential
    by monad node
  16. Der Drops ist geglitcht
    by monad node
  17. Iconic Rants, 1887–1956
    by monad node
  18. Böse Geister schauen bei uns in die Röhre
    by monad node
  19. Cometh The Storm
    by High On Fire
  20. The Best Sea
    by Marta Del Grandi