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Ryan Wyrick

  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan
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  1. Swidden
    by Blackbird Raum
  2. De Brujas Peteneras y Chachalacas
    by La Bruja De Texcoco
  3. Fever Dream
    by Holy Locust
  4. Strawberry Matte Milk
    by Matte Milk
  5. Maybe My Minds Not Mine ...Maybe I Should Stay Put
    by Cole Naylor
    by SARALEE
  7. sea in a circle
    by a cackle or a coughing fit
  8. Shut Up Cutie
    by Handsome Girl
  9. I'm Reliving the End Over and Over and Over Again and Its Only the Beginning
    by Risa Rubin
  10. Baby Neptune
    by Wisdom Tooth
  11. Thunder Follows The Light
    by mutual benefit
  12. Interloper
    by Momma
  13. Magic Ship
    by Mountain Man
  14. Postcards from the Inland Empire
    by The Antique Smugglers
    Something Something
    what a beautiful gift these songs are. thank you.
  15. Feral feelings
    by Mogli and the Dirty Sisters
    I love this horse I love this horse
    real fantastic collection of songs. they feel like the sun on my skin while biking into the woods on a warm day.
  16. B.F.C.S.D.
    by Snail Party
    by WISP
  18. Realia.
    by watercolorsunshine
  19. Glittering Death
    by Katie Dill
  20. been here
    by julio lopezhiler
    theworld theworld
    these songs are gentle, beautiful gifts that envelop me like a soft warm wind. they are tender and thoughtful and i really admire them.
  21. Delancey St. Station
    by Pinc Louds
    i've been waiting soooo long for this! these songs are filled with such an exceptional oddness and fantastical, unrestrained whimsy.
  22. 365 Days vol.7, or 'Misfits, in love with the World'
    by jessica in the rainbow
  23. Here Comes the Postman
    by The Northwest Man
  24. Devotionals
    by Gray Witch
    this album is exceptional and filled with beautiful storytelling and haunting words. there is a darkness in these songs that devours me and a level of vulnerability that is lifted by the pleasant voice of the artist.
  25. peace child music
    by remambran
    so sweet and tender. turns me into a puddle of feelings.
  26. Nightlight
    by Wet Mut
  27. you're gonna be witch
    by hedgehag
  28. homely
    by homely
  29. ficus
    by twelve gardens
  30. ohk
    by wishie//washie
  31. How I'd Live My Life Aka The Bumblebee Song
    by Sweet Baboo
  32. pomegranate treehouse
    by the sex blossoms
    rush rush
    incredibly creative use of unique and rich voices and instrumentation. the stories and energy held within these songs fills me to the brim with enjoyment. can't get enough of this!
  33. Recurring Chasms
    by The Washboard Abs
  34. To Make The Sun Hurt
    by Tucker Theodore
  35. Mood Music
    by Upside Drown
  36. lolcats
    by Corespondents
  37. Lassen
    by Tapestry
  38. Kill and Dress
    by Tucker Theodore
  39. Emily Songs
    by Sara Renberg
  40. Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 4
    by Various Artists
  41. Lady Hope
    by Tucker Theodore
  42. Born to Lose/Born to Leave
    by Sister Grotto & Braeyden Jae
  43. Fussy
    by Appalachian Yard Art
  44. Have U Scanned Ur Club Card?
    by The Washboard Abs
  45. There Will Be Casualties
    by If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It