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  1. The Ivory Stoop (2nd Edition)
    by Jay Royale
  2. OG Tapes - The S-Sessions
    by Freeze & Steven Egal
  3. For what you are
    by Third Angle Projection
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  4. Useless
    by Third Angle Projection
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  5. artificial decadence
    by the grady twins
  6. parental advisory
    by the grady twins
  7. necessitudines
    by the grady twins
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  8. Cosmic Ark
    by *Ancients
  9. From the Underworld
    by The Dead Krazukies
    After two albums and one EP I really have to say, that The Dead Krazukies belong already to my absolute favorite punk bands.
    Also this new album: one great punk song after another, with great melodies and some hardcore influences. They also have a reggae song on it! What can I wish more?!
    And, they're funny. Just watch the music video from "maniac" (played by a.... a maniac :-))
    Please go on like this!!!
  10. Thrash Metal Domination
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  11. U.Z.N.
  12. Lost Identity
    by Must Be Wrong
  13. Pathway to Oblivion
    by 4Arm
  14. Film Noir
    by Dezmond Dez
  15. Sympathie für Hyäne
    by Tommy Vercetti (CH)
  16. Nei Säget (Mani Matter Tribut)
    by Collie Herb
    Genau so liebi d musig vom Collie. So muess Reggae.
  17. This Is War (EP)
  18. The Darkside of the Wu
    by Wu-Tang Clan Vs. Pink Floyd
  19. The Northern Belle
    by The Dead Krazukies
  20. Art Of Raw
    by Various Artists (prod. by Chillow,Eon Green, Dj Iron, D-Purpose)