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  1. Puzzled
    by Bad Salad
  2. Coexist
    by Octavision
  3. Wingbeat EP
    by Wingbeat
  4. RePRoGRaM EP
    by Way
  5. Tree of Knowledge ~知恵の樹~
    by yogurtbox
    エンディング ~ スルー・ザ・アトモスフィア / Ending: Through the Atmosphere エンディング ~ スルー・ザ・アトモスフィア / Ending: Through the Atmosphere
    I can say I really love a lot of the songs in this album, it has a lot of the happy chip pop songs I love so much, so well constructed and with so many beautiful melodies and progressions.
    My favorites are Aiselia's Past and Ending - I love how they vary their mood throughout the song, and I love the 'heavy metal-esque' part on Ending
    I must say coda and surasshu did a GREAT job on this. I've been listening to this for several hours.
    Also, I'd love to have the modules for this ;) ;)
  6. The Coffee Zone
    by Fearofdark
    Snow Burn Snow Burn
    FoDcore, I don't need to say much... Every song shows how skilled FoD is, in both composition and execution. He did a great job with it.
  7. Step Inside My Mind
    by Moot Booxlé
    Professional Opinions Professional Opinions
    "I stepped inside the mind of Moot. I enjoyed it. A lot." -Lukas Eriksson
    Every song in this was composed, performed and produced pretty well, and the singing is also really great. Well, for short everything in this album is really great lol moot did a very nice job at every single song
    Also, this is the first album I ever bought :D