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  1. A Crack In The Sky [EP]
    by Quiet Machine
  2. Carrion (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Cris Velasco
  3. Wachito Rico
    by boy pablo
    te was // don't go te was // don't go
    improving in each album. This time I brought one vinyl
  4. Spiritfarer (Original Soundtrack)
    by Max LL
    Last Voyage Last Voyage
    Instant buy after finishing the game
  5. Mobile Sailor Gundam
    by Nanidato (ナニダト)
  6. Echoes of the First Dreamer (The Musical Prequel to Golem)
    by Martin O'Donnell
    Path of the Golem Path of the Golem
    by Skule Toyama
    Stereo Stereo
  8. Showa Idol's Groove ・ Finale
    by Night Tempo
    Miho Miho
  9. Siren of the Formless
    by City Girl
    Ji-Eun's Favorite Ji-Eun's Favorite
  10. Goddess of the Hollow
    by City Girl
    Pray (feat. tiffi) Pray (feat. tiffi)
  11. Cherry Sky
    by limeadenectar.
  12. ETERNITY [Remastered]
    by Mr.Kitty
    Destroy Me Destroy Me
  13. Music for City and Nature LP
    by Shook
    Mind Up Mind Up
  14. Port Island
    by Tsudio Studio
    Azur Azur
  15. No Dogs Allowed
    by Sidney Gish
    Sin Triangle Sin Triangle
  16. Christmas Special
    by Various Artists
  17. Timeless
    by Desired
    Lost Lost
  18. Anime Wav Groove Vol. 1&2
    by Android52
    Orange Orange
  19. Japanese Disco Edits
    by Yung Bae
  20. The NeoKobe Nightly Selecta
    by Hiro Tadomatsu