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Dave Hodges

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  1. Resilience
    by Wandering Oak
  2. Doomnezeu
  3. Ringing the Bell of Gleaming Martyrdom
    by Within Thy Wounds
    by Kerrigan
  5. Antioch VI: Molten Rainbow
    by Antioch
  6. Rope
    by Rope
  7. King's Crusade Pt. 1 (The Holy Land)
    by Exultet
  8. Leave The Past Behind
    by Tanya Andros
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Armory - Mercurion
    by Dying Victims Productions
  10. IV: Sacrament
    by Wytch Hazel
  11. Vacuum. The Mystery of Faith. We Proclaim Your Death, Oh Lord, and Profess Your Resurrection, Until You Come Again. F​ö​rl​å​telse och Levitation.
    by Reverorum ib Malacht
  12. Melissa
    by Mercyful Fate
  13. Voyage
    by Tanith
  14. Symphonies of True Misanthropy
    by Fathomage
  15. Necrohermitage of the Emotionally Starved
    by Fathomage
  16. Yerushaláyim
    by Fathomage
  17. Autumn's Dawn, Winter's Darkness
    by Fathomage
  18. Minas Morgul - The Nazgûl Awaken
    by Fathomage
  19. Psalms of Reverence and Lamentations
    by Fathomage
  20. The Doxologion Codex
    by Fathomage