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  1. Are You Here (With Me)?
    by Avian Invasion
  2. Dog Songs for Song Dogs
    by Pepper Coyote
    This may be his best album yet.
  3. Til The Night Is Gone
    by Avian Invasion
  4. Swear I Saw Your Mouth Move
    by I've Made Too Much Pasta
  5. House of Bones
    by Avian Invasion
    Such a spicy beat on top of a classic trance line. Love it!
  6. Night Suite
    by SUSS
  7. How to drive a bus
    by I've Made Too Much Pasta
    If you die at work, then you die in real life If you die at work, then you die in real life
    This album needs to be heard through headphones, somewhere quiet. Otherwise you'll miss the poignancy and melancholy, which is a heck of a surprise when it hits.
  8. Dance Master
    by Bloochikin
    Dick Dale would be proud :3
  9. Fly Rabyn Fly
    by Bloochikin
  10. The Big Salad
    by Splor
    This track and this band slap like few others in modern times. Long live the funk!
  11. For the Pack
    by Adrian von Ziegler
  12. Coldest Colours LP
    by Slvmber
    Acoustic Theme Acoustic Theme
    Contemplative, airy, soothing.
  13. somewhere else
    by Arc8de
  14. A Musical Tail: One Weekend
    by Fox Amoore
  15. Strange Daydreams
    by Arc8de
    Arcade Arcade
    This music catches me off guard with quiet emotion.
  16. Transition
    by Look Left
  17. Wreath
    by Hime
    Postvention Postvention
    Meditative, atmospheric, soothing. A salve in these troubled times.
  18. Speed Run! Songs Done Quick
    by Splor
    Chillquana Chillquana
    This band keeps the funk alive. Definitely a current favorite.
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  19. Teenage Crimes (LP)
    by Slvmber
    This album just keeps growing on me. Love this mournful, gentle 80’s synth sound.
  20. Dragonball Wave
    by Maitro