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  1. Mother of Sighs
    by Mother of Sighs
  2. Memory Excellence: Selections 1989-2018
    by Jake Anderson
  3. Negative Legacy
    by Robedoor
  4. 316
    by Cooling Prongs
    Californiaz Gold Californiaz Gold
    The second track on 316 warns the listener about the "Acousmites", an apparent invasive species of bugs that feeds on sound. If Christopher Fleeger, AKA Cooling Prongs, is indeed concerned about a potential shortage of sound, then this album comes across as a hedonistic attempt to make the most out of the sound we have before it is consumed entirely. It is a celebration of all sounds-- soft and loud, sweet and sour, musical and nonmusical-- and it is glorious.
  5. New Moon
    by Elliott Smith
  6. A Church On Vulcan
    by Bond St. District
  7. World Series Hangovers
    by Rall Tide
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  8. Strange Times People Band
    by Strange Times People Band
  9. With Hat
    by Kevin Knight
    Little Human (Going On the Day) Little Human (Going On the Day)
    A splendid folk-rock record that soars and swoops in all the places you'd want it to, sounding perfectly intimate in its most quiet points and unconquerably huge in its loudest, with beautiful, memorable melodies all throughout.
  10. Hell
    by Clear Channel
    Notes On Notes Notes On Notes
    Like a dance party on the surface of the sun.
  11. Field Recordings From The Sun
    by Comets On Fire
  12. In Trouble
    by The Fuss (DC)
    One Reason One Reason
    Anchored by Andi Leo's enchanting vocals, this sunny, laid-back ska-pop EP excels at its sole ambition of just sounding great.
  13. Ur Not Free
    by Bruisey Peets
    Power Trippin' Power Trippin'
    A work of wet, droning anti-pop that challenges the listener, "Ur Not Free" would not work nearly as well as it does were it not for Ben Usie's knack for hypnotic melodies, cryptic lyrics, and alien sounds.
  14. REPO FAM
    by REPO FAM
  15. Fvck The Heartache: A Maxi-Single
    by Fashion Brigade