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  1. Voices in My Head
    by Freddie Joachim
    Off My Mind Off My Mind
    A well-sequenced EP from start to finish. By the time the chorus kicks in on track #2 “Head Scratcher”, you get a sense of what Freddie was going for with the voice sampling and R&B vibe of this collection. It’s like track #4 “If it’s Okay” from Patiently (2010), but here the whole EP uses vocal samples from top to bottom. The last song, #6 “Off my mind” is one of the most beautiful songs he’s ever made, and a perfect way to close the EP.
  2. Extension b/w Carry More
    by Uyama Hiroto / Segawa Tatsuya
    Carry More Carry More
    When I listened to "Carry More", I had to double-check to make sure that I didn't accidentally open a Nujabes track. This song would have fit well with the Samurai Champloo OST.
  3. Soulstice
    by Freddie Joachim
  4. Returning
    by Freddie Joachim
  5. Apology
    by Freddie Joachim
  6. Beyond The Sea of Trees
    by Freddie Joachim
    Backyards feat. Natalie Oliveri Backyards feat. Natalie Oliveri
    It’s always interesting to see which direction Freddie takes his sound, and always good to see that he’s still making instrumentals. As a longtime fan of his work, “Backyards” holds a special place to me because I actually remember him sharing a snippet on his social media (Facebook) a while back!
    “Out There” is another favorite. I listened to it over and over during my commutes last year.
  7. sai
    by Segawa Tatsuya
    Deeptuber Deeptuber
    The rather experimental nature of this album’s sound is not going to rub everyone the right way, as many songs are hit or miss. Regardless, I could sense the artist’s passion for music during the first time I heard Deeptuber. This album actually reminded me of some of Nujabes’ work on the Samurai Champloo original soundtracks. Namely Music Record “Impression” and “Departure”.
  8. HugeWave
    by Segawa Tatsuya feat. Uyama Hiroto
  9. Light b/w End Of The Road
    by Uyama Hiroto
  10. Out There
    by Freddie Joachim
    I love the bounce of this song. I bought in within the first few seconds of hearing it. It’s one of my favorites. Can’t wait for the next EP or LP from Freddie.
  11. magicnumber
    by Uyama Hiroto / Segawa Tatsuya
    Two wonderful songs to relax to.
  12. Untitled
    by Freddie Joachim
    Wherever Wherever
    A somewhat experimental, short collection of songs. If you like the 'Dust' and 'Dusting' EPs, you'll be right at home here.
  13. Train Stations
    by Freddie Joachim
  14. This World (Free Download)
    by Freddie Joachim
    Let Me Know Let Me Know
    Let Me Know and Breeze are tied for my favorites. That aside, when I heard Cadillacs all the way through, I could see the growth in this man's artistry over the years. This is not a "beat maker" that gives you a one-dimensional, repetitive sample-driven songs. More than ever, you notice theses small nuances in the songs that help to complete the picture.
  15. Nucleus
    by Freddie Joachim
    When I first heard this song on his soundcloud, all I could think was that "I'm proud to be a fan of this guy". There's a soulfulness to the song that made it memorable to me. Other songs by him with similar DNA are for example "Whispers" from Patiently, and "Breeze" from This World. Real proud.
  16. In With Time
    by Freddie Joachim
    The Crystals The Crystals
    Along with the "Nights Alone" EP, the music video for "The Crystals" was one of the early songs that introduced me to Freddie Joachim's sound.
  17. Daydreamer Dialogue
    by PreciseHero + Obsidian Blue
    Perpetual Sunday (intermission) Perpetual Sunday (intermission)
    I first discovered PreciseHero from a compilation album/mixtape by Nomak, called "Viewmatic". I have many favorites from "Daydreamer Dialogue". One of the standouts is "Perpetual Sunday", because of how warm and welcoming it is. The moment I heard the song, I knew that I was not dealing with the conventional rapper.
  18. freeform jazz
    by uyama hiroto
    Posse feat. Segawa Tatsuya Posse feat. Segawa Tatsuya
    The album sounds like a studio recording session, as if it's meant to be listened in it's entirety, through speakers. It can sound a bit "hot" and fatiguing if you're using headphones, but the album is balanced enough to not become tiresome. It has to be taken in it's whole. No skips.
  19. Ritualize
    by Lushlife / CSLSX
    Strawberry Mansion (feat. Freeway) Strawberry Mansion (feat. Freeway)
    I've been following Lushlife ever since I first heard "Bottle Rocket" from Nomak's "Viewmatic" mixtape. Talented artist. My favorite song from this album is "Strawberry Mansion."
  20. Twilight Is Ours
    by Ekayim
    Last Days Last Days
    I first heard of this artist, thanks to Bob42jh, famous around the Youtube community for his taste in alternative Hip-Hop. I love all the songs on the EP; Last Days is one of my favorites.