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  1. In With Time
    by Freddie Joachim
    The Crystals The Crystals
    Along with the "Nights Alone" EP, the music video for "The Crystals" was one of the early songs that introduced me to Freddie Joachim's sound.
  2. Daydreamer Dialogue
    by PreciseHero + Obsidian Blue
    Perpetual Sunday (intermission) Perpetual Sunday (intermission)
    I first discovered PreciseHero from a compilation album/mixtape by Nomak, called "Viewmatic". I have many favorites from "Daydreamer Dialogue". One of the standouts is "Perpetual Sunday", because of how warm and welcoming it is. The moment I heard the song, I knew that I was not dealing with the conventional rapper.
  3. freeform jazz
    by uyama hiroto
    Skipper Skipper
    The album sounds like a studio recording session, as if it's meant to be listened in it's entirety, through speakers. It can sound a bit "hot" and fatiguing if you're using headphones, but the album is balanced enough to not become tiresome. It has to be taken in it's whole. No skips.
  4. Ritualize
    by Lushlife / CSLSX
    Strawberry Mansion (feat. Freeway) Strawberry Mansion (feat. Freeway)
    I've been following Lushlife ever since I first heard "Bottle Rocket" from Nomak's "Viewmatic" mixtape. Talented artist. My favorite song from this album is "Strawberry Mansion."
  5. Twilight Is Ours
    by Ekayim
    Last Days Last Days
    I first heard of this artist, thanks to Bob42jh, famous around the Youtube community for his taste in alternative Hip-Hop. I love all the songs on the EP; Last Days is one of my favorites.
  6. Mellow Orange & Organology presents Getaway
    by Freddie Joachim
    Suzie Suzie
    I first heard this during 2009 along with "Nights Alone", and I fell in love with every track. It's one of Mr. Joachim's strong no-skip EPs.
    by Freddie Joachim
    We Wrote A Song About It We Wrote A Song About It
    Another great collection. It brings back memories for me, over 2012.
  8. Patiently
    by Freddie Joachim
    Whispers (snippet) Whispers (snippet)
    By now, I was taking note on how the sound of Freddie Joachim can be pretty diverse, yet recognizable. "Whispers" was the one song that bowled me over.