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Russell Dixon

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  1. AIR
    by SAULT
    June 55 June 55
    I'm delightfully surprised & not a little baffled. SAULT provide the unexpected. Gorgeous, lush & emotional, harks back to an era of music of romance, grand gestures & widescreen orchestration.

    AIR is so out of time it's timeless, larger than life, impossible to gainsay.

  2. Time Cow / Ossia remixes
    by Time Cow / Ossia
  3. Whatever The Weather
    by Whatever The Weather
    30°C 30°C
    Textural delight, shifting light, crystalline flickers, billowing air.
    Indulge your senses whatever the weather.

  4. Wet Leg
    by Wet Leg
    Ur Mum Ur Mum
    A flippant fuck you? Just dicking about? What's their agenda? Overrated?

    I've no idea about all that, but their ramshackle sound tumbles & fizzes wonderfully, revealing some cracking melodies, daft couplets, all flung about without a care.

    Wet Leg is serious fun, don't be a misery guts and miss out.

  5. Warm Embrace
    by Precipitation
  6. Sa Casa des Carbó
    by Lucient
    Dream exploration.
  7. The Leather Lemon
    by P.E.
    New Kind of Zen New Kind of Zen
    Noir heat, pink hand on leather, deep beating of a heart, a word spoken, the erotic promised.

  8. Topical Dancer
    by Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul
    It Hit Me It Hit Me
    Beats to make your body move but lyrics to make you think. Humour isn't absent either.

  9. Holodrum
    by Holodrum
    Free Advice Free Advice
    This shit is right up my street, neon lit cacophony and linearity. Mutant disco? Yeah! Why not? Keep moving.

  10. My Bestfriend's House
    by Blue Hawaii
  11. The Vanity Project
    by Iceboy Violet
    Are U Connected Are U Connected
    Like audio aikido, so real, electrifying, the honesty & rawness is a weapon of expression, deft cuts allied to a certain softness in tone.

  12. Deep Break
    by Operator Music Band
    Is This Reason? Is This Reason?
  13. Gnani
    by Sis
    Embodiment Embodiment
    Unashamedly warm & giving, the comforting sounds offer succour which should be embraced, don't be embarrassed by balm offered.

  14. WF 65 - Superclusters
    by Field Lines Cartographer
    Spirals Spirals
    Time-lapse sonic cartography mapping galaxies arching overhead, swirling, in distorted time, slowly comprehensible. Outer space into inner space.

  15. time
    by FAUZIA
  16. Honest Labour
    by Space Afrika
    U ft. kinseyLloyd U ft. kinseyLloyd
    A proper collection of crepuscular moods & beautifully liquid washes of sound. Conjuring up the mood of Manchester's rain sodden streets after dark, where shadows proliferate, friend of foe? Better keep as distance, fitting for the times we are in.

  17. SHILOH: Lost For Words
    by John Glacier
    Boozy Boozy
    No babbling here, just a flow, fluid & slyly wry, from John who has plenty of charisma, perfectly complimented by the bleary & spacious, but piercing sharp production.

  18. im hole
    by aya
    the only solution i have found is to simply jump higher the only solution i have found is to simply jump higher
    Eerie electronic bricolage, vocal incantation, Demdike may've raved at/to this. Aya might be a hole but what's coming out is startling, transformative.

  19. New Long Leg
    by Dry Cleaning
    Sardonic musings. Not a dry eye in the house.
  20. Soaked In Indigo Moonlight
    by Parris
    Skater's World with Eden Samara Skater's World with Eden Samara