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  1. Super Cat Tales 2 Extended Soundtrack
    by Raku (DREAMSBELL)
  2. Wonderchestra
    by AlbeGian
  3. Things Unseen
    by Hallow
  4. crowtel: birdsongs
    by beardy
  5. Star Cruiser
    by Siberg
    Heard this on Newgrounds, saw it on Bandcamp and knew I had to buy it. A great, relaxing listen that makes you feel like you're soaring among the stars.
  6. Roar Rampage OST
    by Filippo Vicarelli
  7. Sky Wander EP
    by 1f1n1ty and Stardew
  8. In My Garden EP
    by Miyolophone
    Sunday Sunday
    From intimate and introspective to bursting with wonder and adventure, In My Garden EP is a sweet little emotional bundle that only begins to showcase the depths of Miyo's compositional versatility. I had a lovely time in Miyo's garden and I intend to visit again.
  9. Yokai Dungeon Soundtrack
    by Raku (DREAMSBELL)
  10. Cloudbed EP
    by Hallow
  11. Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack
    by Laura Shigihara
  12. OverPowered (Original Soundtrack)
    by flashygoodness
  13. Candies n' Curses OST
    by CactusBear
  14. Spicy Piggy (Original Soundtrack)
    by Pentadrangle
    Robo Reckoning Robo Reckoning
  15. Slayin - Original Soundtrack
    by Norrin_Radd
  16. Nano Golf: Hole in One OST
    by Craig Barnes
    Sweet Greens Sweet Greens
    This soundtrack makes a good drive on an already bright, sunny day feel even better.
  17. Super Cat Tales 2 Soundtrack
    by Raku (DREAMSBELL)
  18. Selections #4: The Next Selection
    by jaxcheese
    Bouncy [music tech project #1] Bouncy [music tech project #1]
    For an album that uses three different DAWs, the soundtrack is generally cohesive. I just can't get enough of the bass in my favourite track.
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  19. Polemic Heart EP
    by Polemic Heart
  20. Cat Bird OST
    by santpoort
    Marda Theme Marda Theme
    There's a charming sort of aimlessness to the music which is both pleasant and full of wonder. In this particular favourite track, I just love the way the repeating theme builds up with the waltz, dream-like rhythms.