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  1. Music for Wyland
    by Beckton Alps2
  2. Solarpunk: A Possible Future
    by Various Artists
  3. 🗻
    by ⦓🍊⦔ タンジェリン
  4. Windowed [Cassingle #10]
    by I Was Listening To Tapes In Tokyo
  5. Wow This Beard is Really Great (I'm Glad I Grew It)
    by Leaaves
  6. Tape Works Vol. 2
    by Langham Research Centre
  7. far from this world
    by orchid mantis
  8. Lived Alone [live]
    by Rapt
    by Shared Systems 有限
  10. Aesthesis
    by μοτηερ
  11. Hab keine Angst, hab keine Angst, ich bin deine Angst
    by Meese X Hell
  12. 馬鹿世界 โลกบ้า (Crazy World)
    by JUU4E
  13. Radium Jaw
    by Radium Jaw
  14. Jaap Blonk Reads Theo van Doesburg
    by Theo van Doesburg / Jaap Blonk
  15. An Interview with Cu Rua
    by Peter Strickmann
  16. Debbie From Zumba
    by Playboy Manbaby
  17. Juvenile
    by Yorihisa Taura + Tia Rungray
  18. Triptychon
    by Hush Moss
  19. Derech Pele
    by Hush Moss
  20. Salim Ve Silsulim
    by Hush Moss