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  1. Aldrig mere vinter
    by Grøn
  2. Dragon's Tear
    by Oliver Vaupel & Bjarke Rasmussen
  3. Introvert Musik
    by Bjarke Rasmussen
  4. Preparing for Power
    by Bourbonese Qualk
  5. The Dark Well
    by Aidan Baker & Ekin Fil
  6. Fire Island
    by Edward Ka-Spel
  7. august 53rd
    by fossil aerosol mining project
  8. Le Voci dal Balcone
    by Carlo Giustini
  9. Seafoam & Dust
    by r beny
  10. Dream Character
    by matt jencik
  11. ea
    by The Alvaret Ensemble
  12. The North Bend (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by Rafael Anton Irisarri
  13. Una Presencia En La Brisa
    by Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri
  14. Sea of Worry
  15. Instead of rain i bring a hat
    by Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin
  16. oddments of the gamble
    by nonkeen
  17. City Lake
    by Bing & Ruth
  18. Condition
    by Spectres
  19. Prostration Before Infinity
    by B°Tong
  20. Lower River
    by Michael A. Muller