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  1. The Burden of Restlessness
    by King Buffalo
    Hebetation Hebetation
    So glad I could order one of the 300 deluxe edition black / red splatter units. It has been sold out within 5 minutes... King Buffalo seems to be one of these bands that are commercial successful AND they evolve and continue to make really great music.
  2. Beacons
    by Cloudkicker
    Push it way up! Push it way up!
    There is still hope for people who are seeking for modern metal. This album and "the discovery" are milestones. Thanks Ben!
  3. Dead Star
    by King Buffalo
    Eta Carinae Eta Carinae
  4. Decision Process
    by Mothra
    The Beginning The Beginning
    Remembers me of the Coroner „Grin“ album. Very demanding progressive metal. Like it! Hope that Mothra will continue the journey with a successor album very soon.
  5. Estampida de Trombones
    by Viaje a 800
    Los Ángeles Q Hay En Mi Piel Los Ángeles Q Hay En Mi Piel
    Powerful stoner rock from spain... or direct from hell?
  6. Survive Sunrise
    by ASG
    God Knows We God Knows We
    Life is so much better with ASG.
  7. Amplifier
    by Amplifier
    Neon Neon
    A progressive & psychedelic rock milestone. It was amazing to observe the bandcamp Vinyl Campaign. It was funded within 8 hours...
  8. Circadia
    by Jardín de la Croix
    Seventeen years to hatch an invasion Seventeen years to hatch an invasion
    I hope, that this is not the last record of this great band! Love the accuracy and precision!
  9. Moura
    by MOURA
    Ronda das Mafarricas Ronda das Mafarricas
    The cover is the music. Moura is a thrilling mix of psychedelic and progressive rock with unexpected elements of pagan folk. The ultraclear vinyl is stunning. One of the best newcomers in 2020.
  10. Ladrido De Corzo
    by Sekba
    Flor De Piedra Flor De Piedra
    The very unique experience of bandcamp is the endless music catalogue. There are so many gems to find and explore. Never heard of this european band Sekba. I assume this is the debut album. Very intelligent and melodious post rock. Love it. Hope this will be published on vinyl - it is worth the effort.
  11. Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums
    by Closet Disco Queen
    Ninjaune Ninjaune
    Like the minimalistic but very progressive and powerful style. So proud to be Swiss!
  12. The Tides Will Prevail
    by Kenoma
    1913 1913
    When listening to new records I usually get a quick impression if I like it or not. With this album I had to stop after 15 minutes because I got disturbed. It is hard to believe that this is the debut album of this band. This album is a 52 minutes atmospheric undertaking. And it's available in a coloured cool vinyl edition!
  13. Harmony of Spheres
    by Puta Volcano
    Bird Bird
    Love the power of this band! ...And the voice of Luna... One of the magic moments is the song Bird after 3.25. Can‘t wait to receive the white vinyl.
  14. Estampida de Trombones
    by Viaje a 800
    Los Ángeles Q Hay En Mi Piel Los Ángeles Q Hay En Mi Piel
  15. Awalaï
    by Onségen Ensemble
    HottoizzoH HottoizzoH
    What a mindblowing record. Everything fits. The album is loaded with so many highlights. The genre is hard to specify. It’s a fusion of finnish folk, jazz, stoner, prog rock and metal. The production value is superb. Every HiFi enthusiast will love this album. And then this eye-catching cover with the sun-yellowed vinyl pressing. Hopefully this record will find it‘s way into the list of the book „1001 albums you must hear before you die“. It is a classic.
  16. The Zenith Rise
    by I Built The Sky
    Up into the Ether Up into the Ether
    Soooooo beautiful speady and melodical. Love it!
  17. Nightcap at Wits' End
    by Garcia Peoples
    A Reckoning A Reckoning
    My 60‘s heart signals woodstock feelings. Wonderful!
  18. Pearl (Maxi single)
    by 1000mods
    Pearl Pearl
    The essence of the „Youth of Dissent“ album. Raw energy pressed on a beautiful blue EP.
  19. Unending
    by Cloudkicker
    Night Night
    Ben is back! Getting a cloudkicker album is like receiving an unexpected present from a very good friend... Bought this album twice - now on vinyl :-).
  20. Orange
    by Caroline Shaw & Attacca Quartet
    Plan & Elevation: III. The Herbaceous Border Plan & Elevation: III. The Herbaceous Border
    Woaw! I could not resist. Progressive classic at its best - fresh served on a juicy orange.