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  1. Streets of Rage 4
    by Olivier Deriviere
    I loved it to bits. I got to review the game and as soon as I could, I've downloaded the album.
    Besides of being an amazing soundtrack of an amazing game, it's a stellar electronica/funk album. Reminds me of how much we miss the sharpness of some of the 90's have brought to the genre.
    This is the soundtrack I'll be rocking when I'll be able to walk around the city again!
  2. Slipstream Original Soundtrack
    by eff
  3. Sonic Mania Remixed
    by Tiny Waves
  4. Scratch and Sniff
    by Jazz Spastiks
    Fresh Oranges (Pure Premium) Fresh Oranges (Pure Premium)
    I think this is what I was looking for. That beautiful hip-hop retro inspired soundrack I wanted to accompany me to my daily commute and work. This album scrathes a very special itch of mine and resonates with the way I concetrate. Thanks!
  5. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
    by Michael Geyre, Shinichi Sakamoto
  6. francis forever
    by Mitski
  7. TxK - The Original Soundtrack
    by Llamasoft Moosicians