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  1. Wunschlos unglücklich
    by Düsterdraußen
  2. The Chosen One
    by Ancient Mastery
    The Chosen One The Chosen One
  3. Dauðans Myrkri
    by Frummyrkrið
  4. The Intimate Earth (Folk/Black Metal)
    by FELLED (US)
  5. Chapter One: Across The Mountains Of The Drämmarskol
    by Ancient Mastery
  6. Mortal Coil
    by Dödsrit
  7. The Night - Demo
    by A Chamber Of Stars
  8. Paint The Sky With Blood
    by Bodom After Midnight
  9. Reflections on a Lake
    by Blaine Rohmer
  10. Skogsland 2 [Woodland]
    by Borg
  11. The Tell-Tale Heart
    by Beautiful Death & Form/Void
  12. Sol
    by Jord
  13. Menschenmühle
    by Kanonenfieber
  14. Über den Sternen (Luxus)
    by Empyrium
  15. Book I - Tears In The Abyss
    by NEOS
  16. Tale Of The Endless
    by Maestitium
  17. Maelström
    by Thermohaline
    Sirens Sirens
  18. "Sagenwelt" (EP)
    by BILWIS
  19. A Withering Eden
    by Beautiful Death
  20. Uinuos Syömein Sota
    by Havukruunu