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  1. First Demo
    by Fugazi
  2. The Odds
    by Evens
  3. No Crying In Baseball
    by Mothers
  4. OK
    by Mothers
  5. Death Jokes
    by Amen Dunes
  6. Requiem
    by Thanatopsis
  7. Five More Flowers
    by WOODS
  8. Whirr & Nothing
    by Nothing
  9. Flaamingos
    by Flaamingos
  10. Social Crutch
    by Gold Cage
  11. Depersonalisation
    by Nite Fields
  12. Live at Rhizome 09-17-2019
    by Eli Winter
  13. Live at the Logan Center 3-16-2019
    by Eli Winter
  14. The Time To Come
    by Eli Winter
  15. Unbecoming
    by Eli Winter
  16. Merge Now In Friendship
    by Vulture Feather
    This band just keeps getting better. Terminal Fair shows how much their songwriting has grown, and Your Last Night is haunting, devastating, but irresistible. Though they don't sound alike necessarily, hearing Vulture Feather for the first time reminds me of the first couple of Modest Mouse records, just stunning in it's approach to current musical trends.
  17. Loss Of Life
    by MGMT
  18. Walls Have Ears
    by Sonic Youth
  19. Deathless, Wild + Free
    by Terror Bird
  20. Dreamfear/Boy Sent From Above
    by Burial
    I haven’t felt this excited about a Burial release since Rival Dealer, and this is the follow-up many were waiting for. Dreamfear hits with a frenetic energy not unlike the title track of the aforementioned EP. the difference is a feverdream soundscape that evokes panic though you wouldn’t dare turn it off. Throughout this release, I’m hearing rave culture sounds that remind me of 1992 Prodigy and lead to an almost psy-trance teaser at the end of side 1. Yep, you want this one: