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  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  2. Experimental
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  1. The Garden of Paradise
    by Agathe Max & Natalia Beylis
  2. Here
    by Karen Ng
  3. Circuit Bent Smoke Alarms - Ringtone Collection
    by Dylan Sheridan
  4. Inoperable Turmeric Malignancy
    by Glands Of External Secretion
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Silent Sound
    by Savvas Metaxas
  6. Winterist
    by Jeph Jerman
  7. Rue L'Amour
    by Fifi L'Amour and Rik Rue
  8. KSV 074 Venom Zinn Funkapolitan Reynolds Reynols
    by Katja Fregatte
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Fyjk/Furd
    by Crank Sturgeon
  10. It Is Just So Much More Difficult
    by claire rousay
  11. De Nagalm Op De Kopf!
    by Various Artists
  12. Diary of a Shiteater
    by Girls On Fire
  13. Umbria Acid
    by Hardworking Families
  14. 'Live' Electronic Dissections #1 & #5
    by Diastolic Murmurs
  15. Clay Tablets, Hoarded Creatures
    by Kelly Jayne Jones
  16. Real Live Birds Vol. 1
    by Natalia Beylis
  17. Songs of the Lunar Eclipse
    by Sofia Records 009
    by Smell & Quim
  19. End of a Cable
    by Graham Dunning & Edward Lucas
  20. Ekkert Nafn
    by Francisco López & Miguel A. García
  21. Safe and Sane
    by Kid Millions & Jim Sauter
  22. The Teenage Virus (2)
    by Posset
  23. Objects Of Desire
    by Charles Hayward
  24. AAA
    by Head Separating From Body
  25. KSV 488 Early Miami: WMRZ Manipulations, 1991
    by To Live and Shave in L.A.
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. Caura
    by Masayuki Imanishi/Marco Serrato
  27. East Mall Donut
    by Brian Ruryk
  28. Knell
    by Alex Cunningham
  29. mmemm nolain
    by Nappe
  30. "Live at the Monk and the Nun" Split w/ Swiss Barns & Queef!
    by Swiss Barns & Queef!
  31. Poke It With A Stick / Joining The Bots
    by Trondheim EMP
  32. Zach Rowden - TASKED
    by XKatedral
  33. Brass Cultures
    by Tom Mudd
  34. Loop Cassettes
    by Brock Wheaton, Johanna Went and Mark Wheaton
  35. 1979 WKC R - FM NY Live Set, "The Hallung Set"
    by Z'EV
  36. Dietrichs
    by Don & Camille Dietrich
  37. Club Years
    by Johanna Went
  38. Aqua Sauvage / Stuffed Concrete
    by M.C. Schmidt
  39. Early Radio Works Vol1
    by People Like Us
  40. Lawn Raptor
    by Bob Desaulniers
  41. Stones, Air, Axioms / Delme
    by Jean-Luc Guionnet & Thomas Tilly
  42. Upshutlenvolte
    by Enema Syringe
  43. Spinhouse
    by Anna Schimkat
  44. Untitled
    by Arv & Miljö | Krube.
  45. light from another light
    by Voicehandler