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  1. Tribute to Erik Lindmark (Deeds of Flesh)
    by Defeated Sanity
  2. Wake Up
    by Project Helix
  3. Breathin' Cancer (30th Anniversary Edition)
    by Sadist
  4. Fragments
  5. Organic • Where Graves Abound
    by Organic
  6. Samples of Death Compilation
    by Testimony Records
  7. Panoptic Horror
    by Sepulcher
  8. Armorican Deathrites
    by Venefixion
  9. 8 Hobbies für den sozialen Abstieg
    by Team Scheisse
  10. جنگ ابدی
    by جوخه مرگ
  11. Bombas en Stereo
    by Zona 84
  12. Ready For Death
    by Necrophagia
  13. Hopeless Hopes
    by Martyr
  14. The Antecedent
    by Infestation
  15. Promises Impure
    by Demented Ted
  16. Evidence of Tyranny
    by Psychotomy
  17. The Merciless
    by Aura Noir
  18. Discerning Forces (First Mix Version)
    by Opprobrium
    Ancient Rebellion (First Mix Version) Ancient Rebellion (First Mix Version)
    MUCH better production! Really worth buying it again!
  19. Alive Under Satan
    by Heretic
  20. It's On!
    by Heretic