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Rachel Rose Mitchell

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Alternative
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  1. Reform/Converge
    by The Motion Below
    Reform/Converge Reform/Converge
  2. Exist, Explore
    by Inventions
    Nowhere I'd Rather Be Nowhere I'd Rather Be
  3. Duplicity - Single
    by The Motion Below
  4. Inventions
    by Inventions
    Halloween Halloween
    It's hard to pick a favourite track from Inventions' self-titled release as they're all so solid and of a top-tier quality. If you're into catchy melodic rock with a dark but fun edge and bundles of energy, this is the EP for you.

    Definitely recommend buying the CD if you can, it looks sweet and the colours are vibrant in real life.
  5. Eleven : Eleven
    by Cōpia
    The Awakening The Awakening
    Incredible epic symphonic metalheads from my hometown of Melbourne! The fanfare of brass backed up by heavy guitars and driving strings at the start of The Awakening sets the tone for the whole album.
  6. The Departer
    by Black Sea of Trees
    Epilogue Epilogue
  7. One Thousand Wings
    by White Moth Black Butterfly
    Rose Rose
  8. Aurora
    by Desoto Jones
    Cap Gun Cap Gun
    Aurora worms its way into your head and stays there forever. Energetic rock that you'll find yourself singing along to again and again and again. I've caught myself humming Cap Gun four times this week and it's only Tuesday. I'd love another full length release from these guys.
  9. Monstrous Child (Deluxe)
    by Bad Pollyanna
    Hollow Hollow
  10. ECO
    by David Maxim Micic
    Stardust (feat. Miyoki) Stardust (feat. Miyoki)
  11. Thanatos
    by Whalerider
    Feed My Affection Feed My Affection
  12. Find Structure Through The Chaos - EP
    by The Great Imposter
    Elastic Elastic
    It's like Panic! At The Disco meets Amanda Palmer with a really powerful vocalist. Awesome combination!
  13. Of Earth & Angels
    by LEAH
    Remember Remember
    Leah has an amazing voice and the production on these tracks is top notch. This album is a mix of the ethereal and the hardcore and it works spectacularly.
  14. Les Friction
    by Les Friction
    String Theory String Theory
    If you haven't bought this already then what are you even doing with your life?? Incredible album. A friend of mine described it as 'aural ambrosia' which is dead-on correct.
  15. Citadels
    by Mandroid Echostar
    A Death Marked Dream A Death Marked Dream
  16. No Sorrow Video Series
    by Born Gold
    I Want To Be Naked I Want To Be Naked
  17. ~
    by iamthemorning
    inside inside
    Have you ever bought an album within thirty seconds of hearing a track? Yeah. This. The whole record is stunningly beautiful. Can't get over her voice and can't get over those pianos. Also, the strings in touching ii are jawdropping.
  18. Earth To World(Album)
    by Earth Meet World
    Shark Water Shark Water
    Fantastic progressive post rock. Go check out the free acoustic version of Shark Water, too! Wonderful.
  19. Share This
    by Les Sages
    The Soldier's Mark The Soldier's Mark
  20. Fragile
    by Endless Melancholy
    Glory Of The Sun Glory Of The Sun
  21. So Much For Style
    by Solar Soma
    Two Headed Dog Two Headed Dog
  22. The Man Forgotten
    by Ian Marquis
    Thick as Thieves Thick as Thieves
  23. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
    Bonetrousle Bonetrousle
  24. Eternal Saga
    by Antti Martikainen
    At the Journey's End At the Journey's End
  25. The King & Queen of Nowhere
    by Julianna McDuffie
    Corduroy (Little Sister) Corduroy (Little Sister)
  26. Delusional
    by Charlie Allen
  27. Roots And Wings
    by The Sky Life
    Spinning Around Spinning Around
  28. Grow Down
    by audiafauna
    Heartwood Heartwood
  29. We've Been Here Forever
    by Again For The Win
    Album Preview: We've Been Here Forever Album Preview: We've Been Here Forever
  30. Why Aren't I Home?
    by Athletics
    Album Preview: Why Aren't I Home? Album Preview: Why Aren't I Home?
  31. The New Art History
    by Our Lost Infantry
    Album Preview: The New Art History Album Preview: The New Art History
  32. Animals
    by Les Sages
    Album Preview: Animals Album Preview: Animals
  33. Dimes & Discourses
    by The Sky Life
    Album Preview: Dimes & Discourses Album Preview: Dimes & Discourses
  34. Blood Harmony
    by Les Sages
    Cicatrice du Soldat Cicatrice du Soldat
  35. element
    by Veritas Unae
    Heat Heat
  36. To Kill a King
    by Hungry Lucy
    To Kill a King To Kill a King
    Sad about these guys splitting up! TKaK is a unique album with some really interesting tracks. High Price Of Mistakes is a close second favourite for me.
  37. "Nothing of cities"
    by Years of Rice & Salt
    Afterglow Afterglow
  38. Gold Fools
    by Spanish Prisoners
    Los Angeles Guitar Dream Los Angeles Guitar Dream
  39. All The Static Stars
    by Jet Plane
    Disappearance At Sea Disappearance At Sea
  40. The Sapphire Mask, Part One: Vengeance
    by William Ascenzo
    Designation NX-1 Designation NX-1
    correction: my favourite track is actually a bonus track so I can't select it lol. But this track comes second because it sounds exactly like Homestuck meets Evangelion and I can dig that.

    I'm actually pretty sad that this anime doesn't exist. I'd watch the hell out of it.
  41. Mythcreants
    by Tricky Pixie
    Alligator in the House Alligator in the House
  42. One Year Older
    by Erik "Jit" Scheele
    Sunrise Sunrise
  43. Homestuck Vol. 9
    by Homestuck
    Crystalmethequins Crystalmethequins
  44. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B
    by Homestuck
    Do The Windy Thing Do The Windy Thing
  45. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A
    by Homestuck
    Purple Bard Purple Bard