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Rachel Rose

  1. Alicante, Spain
  2. Jazz
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  1. Verte
    by Mallard
  2. Art in the Age of Automation
    by Portico Quartet
    Endless Endless
  3. Cléa Vincent - Retiens mon désir
    by Cléa Vincent
    Jmy attendais pas Jmy attendais pas
  4. Triloka - music for strings and soloists (feat. Mike Block, Rob Thomas, Layth Sidiq)
    by Bruno Raberg - Triloka Ensemble
    Triloka - Three Realms Triloka - Three Realms
  5. World Sprituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda
    by Alice Coltrane
    Om Shanti Om Shanti
  6. Off The Grid (Original Mix)
    by Love Over Entropy
  7. Electric
    by Dossey
    Electric Electric
  8. Cloak
    by Jordan Rakei
    Talk To Me Talk To Me
  9. Joy, Ease, Lightness
    by Dan Kye
    Tolle Tolle
    What more can you really ask for? Eckhart Tolle expounding profoundness and buttery beats in the background. Yes, please.
  10. The Visitor
    by Kadhja Bonet
    Honeycomb Honeycomb
    Lush, luscious, organic and original, like a symphony soundtrack for interstellar travel. I have Honeycomb on repeat play.
  11. Evolution: Seeds & Streams
    by John Ellis
    Unidentical Twins Unidentical Twins
  12. Journey In Satchidananda / Blue Nile
    by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
    Journey In Satchidananda Journey In Satchidananda
  13. Into Forever
    by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
    As I Walk (ft Josephine Oniyama) As I Walk (ft Josephine Oniyama)
  14. Loom
    by Ms. John Soda
    Hero Whales Hero Whales
  15. Illinois
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
  16. Bluebird
    by Dawn Landes
    Diamond Rivers Diamond Rivers
    Dawn is an excellent guitarist and singer. I saw her accompanying Sufjan Stevens and ,although a guitarist myself, I was somehow surprised at how confident a musician she is. This album is gentle, melodic, and bears repeated listens in its entirety.
  17. The Pattern of Electricity
    by Corrina Repp
    In the Dark, You're More Colorful In the Dark, You're More Colorful
    I saw Corrina in Alicante, Spain and she was a breath of fresh air. Plus, she high-fiver my eight-year-old daughter, who had just told her that it was her first rock concert. Hell yeah. This album is very cool, close-up and listenable.
  18. Warp and Weft
    by Laura Veirs
    Sun Song Sun Song
  19. Open Ancient Eyes
    by Kalya Scintilla
    The Calling The Calling