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Rudy Carrera

  1. Beijing, China
  2. Electronic
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  1. Banisteriopsis Caapi
    by Legiac
  2. Joder con cualquiera
    by Love Dolls
  3. Firebird (Demo)
    by Peter Gabriel
    subscriber exclusive
    by MÓÐIR
  5. Dream Like A Buffalo
    by Future Orients
  6. Mardi Rollow Field Recordings of Dance Music in Morocco and Tunisia, 1974-76
    by Canary Records
  7. My Mind
    by Jimi Tenor
  8. 20240222 Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH (Matrix Recording) NAME YOUR PRICE
    by Stick Men (Bootlegs)
  9. soothsayer
    by goader
  10. Fractals
    by Various Artists
  11. Plays Away
    by Dental Drill Slips
  12. Oradell
    by Oradell
  13. antinferno
    by gnashing teeth
  14. WIRED [ep]
    by SKSSS
  15. Takumi Moriya Black Nation
    by Takumi Moriya Black Nation
  16. The Stars That Burn Loudly
    by The Deep Bleed
  17. Déjà Vu (Part I)
    by V/A Compilation
  18. Chloroform Days
    by Bedtime for Robots
  19. Abyssus
    by LIL
  20. Droneuary 2022
    by Various Artists