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  1. Interstellar Voodoo
    by Saint Karloff
  2. Second Sight
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
  3. Witch of the Future
    by Black Road
  4. Bloody Diamond
    by Magmakammer
  5. Mindtripper
    by Magmakammer
  6. The Mortal
    by Merlin
  7. 111
    by Hippie Death Cult
  8. WHORE (full album)
    by Mephistofeles
  9. No Comfort
    by Monolord
  10. The Great American Death Rattle
    by Youngblood Supercult
  11. Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods
    by Orphans Of Doom
  12. Evil Eye
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
  13. Riffs for Reproductive Justice
    by Black Flags Over Brooklyn
  14. Life Without Pain Is a Fucking Fantasy
    by Zombie Apocalypse
  15. ARTEAGA - "VOL. III NECROMANCE" pre-order
    by Forbidden Place Records
  16. Teenage Trance / Chemical Reaction
    by Lysol
  17. Live At The Electric Church
    by DUEL
  18. Valley Of Shadows
    by DUEL
  19. Cave Party
    by The Primitive Finks
  20. Play Speedway and Other Hits
    by Black Flamingos
  21. Rivers Of Gore
    by Rivers of Gore
  22. Green Dragon
    by Green Dragon
  23. II
    by KOOK
  24. Death and Consolation
    by The Well
  25. Samsara
    by The Well
  26. Woodland Rites
  27. Coiled Light
    by Solar Halos
  28. Wizzerd
    by Wizzerd
  29. Swinging Simian Sounds
    by King Cornelius and The Silverbacks
  30. EP. 1
    by Beastmaker
  31. Purple Hill Witch
    by Purple Hill Witch
  32. Celestial Cemetery
    by Purple Hill Witch
  33. No God, No Ghost, No Saints
    by Gutter Demons
  34. All Heed The Black God
    by Saint Karloff
  35. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
  36. Empress Rising
    by Monolord
  37. Slave To The Grave
    by Alastor
  38. Vænir
    by Monolord
  39. Higher Time
    by Electric Citizen
  40. Sateen
    by Electric Citizen
  41. Helltown
    by Electric Citizen
  42. Split with Satan's Satyrs
    by Windhand
  43. RUST
    by Monolord
  44. Devouring Radiant Light
    by Skeletonwitch
  45. ✠ I Tread On Your Grave ✠
    by The Death Wheelers