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Jose Rodrigues

  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  2. Metal
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  1. When Northern Winds Blow
    by Underworld
  2. II: A Way Of Life That You Can't Understand
    by Rotten Light
  3. Misery Among Ourselves
    by Rotten Light
  4. by Consomnio Tranquillus / Ôkmoon / Rotten Light
  5. Réminiscence
  6. Trou Noir Vortex
    by Trou Noir
  7. In Nomine Mentis
    by Ostium
  8. Snowy Nocturnal Forest and Stellar Sky
    by Mist
  9. Oderint Dúm Métuant
    by Lepra
  10. Defeated by Life
    by Happy Days
  11. When Negative Feelings Drown This Life
    by Broken Life
  12. Strážcovia Hradu (Guardians of the Castle)
    by Korium
  13. Worthless Life End
    by Unjoy
  14. Procreation Through Disaster
    by Chaoscraft
  15. The Demos
    by Fornicatus
  16. White Abysmal Tomb
    by Colorless Forest
  17. Wilted
    by Deadlife / Glädjekällor / Lidelse / Winter Willow
  18. Passage Beyond The Cold Vales Of
    by Durthang
  19. Empty
    by Intig
  20. Sexual Depression
    by Nostalgic Darkness
  21. Tunes From the Edge
    by Lebensgefahr
  22. Happiness Is Not an Option
    by No Pleasure in Life
  23. Nostalgic Darkness
    by Nostalgic Darkness
  24. Thornsmoat
    by Hvøsch
  25. Monotonie Leben
    by Freitod Zeremonie
  26. Arvet I
    by Azaghal
  27. Wyrd / Kalmankantaja
    by Wyrd / Kalmankantaja
  28. Stillstand
    by Todessehnsucht
  29. Spleen
    by Avoid the Light
  30. Vardan / Kalmankantaja
    by Vardan / Kalmankantaja
  31. Ahdistus
    by Kalmankantaja
  32. A Walk into the Twilight
    by Trauer
  33. Memories of the Stolen Souls and Dust
    by Colorless Forest
    by Apolokia
  35. Ikuisuuden Arvet (Alternate Version)
    by Korgonthurus
  36. Striborg / Vardan
    by Striborg / Vardan
  37. Dødsfærd
    by Sjælekval
  38. Självdestruktivitet född av monotona tankegångar III
    by Hypothermia
  39. Imprints of Dreams in Hyaline Ice
    by Colorless Forest
  40. A Life Worth Losing
    by Ofdrykkja
  41. Hveralundr
    by Ugluk
  42. The Essence Of The Cursed
    by Burial Mist / Vardan
  43. Drangsal
    by Thanatomania
  44. The Pest of...
    by Winterblut
  45. All The Dead Dears
    by Dhampyr