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  1. BLISS
    by Drainpuppet
  3. Grimace and Grace
    by Corey Laitman
  4. The Frights
    by The Frights
  5. I Can't Even Get Depression Right
    by Gnarly Whales
  6. Action Changes Thinking
    by Moon Bandits
  7. Property Damage: A Love Story
    by moon bandits
  8. moon bandits/ igaf
    by moon bandits/igaf
  9. Straight thinking means plain speaking
    by Moon Bandits
  10. Cottontail & Moon Bandits split
    by Moon Bandits
  11. dirtstar
    by False Pterodactyl
    comet comet
    This is such a good little album. So raw and interesting.
  12. LO
    by False Pterodactyl
  13. Christmas Island
    by AJJ
    Linda Ronstadt Linda Ronstadt
    This album is raw, absurd, surreal, and often emotional in the strangest ways. I can't get enough of it, honestly. Each track left me eager to hear what absurd bullshit would be on the next. Even after the shock value wears off it's still incredible though, and you start to find the more substantial messages in the lyrics.
  14. "Condos" - Live at The Bell House
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  15. I Won't Keep You Here
    by The Thoughts
    Winterkill Winterkill
    Beautifully recorded, lovingly crafted, this album has been a staple for me for a long time. Winterkill is still my go-to track when the world is just a little bit too much for me and I need to drift away.
  16. Cruel Optimist
    by Worriers
  17. LAVA PAL
    by SNCKPCK
    skeleleletons skeleleletons
    It's fucking adorable. Seriously, SNCKPCK is so cute and fun that you can't help but love every second of this.
  18. The Blood of the Innocents
    by Robyn G Shiels
    This Deathly Charm This Deathly Charm
    Fell in love with Hello Death, finally coming back for more. Beautiful album.
  19. sweet jesus!
    by False Pterodactyl
    spiderlegs spiderlegs
    God, this album is so rowdy and perfectly unpolished. Every track feels so great to listen to, even if it's objectively pretty shitty. This is the album I show people when they don't believe that I listen to the most indie trash bullshit on the planet.

    Everyone who listens agrees that this album is incredible, but it's hard to really put into words why.
  20. RULES
    Run Overdrive Run Overdrive
    Run Overdrive is my "fuck the world I need to tune out for a few minutes" track. It has been for almost a year, and probably will be for a long time. It's /just/ lofi enough to give you that TV static mind-numbing effect, and there's just enough repetition that you can melt away without it getting boring.

    Awesome lofi instrumental for just relaxing.