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  1. 001
    by menschenstaub.
  2. Eris
    by Cendre
  3. Soaking
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Funky Bath Funky Bath
  4. Dead Air
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Liebesträume No. 3 (Gut Machine) Liebesträume No. 3 (Gut Machine)
  5. Swayze and Eliana D'Angelo's Unfinished Yet Totally Awesome and Funky Halloween EP
    by Swayze
  6. The Beginning
    by Swayze
    Overdrive Overdrive
    What an album. Normally, I'm more into instrumental synthwave, but I don't want to miss a single vocal track on this freakin' good piece of funky music.
  7. LA BOUM
    by Miles Matrix
    I love how every Miles Matrix release has it's own unique style and atmosphere. La Boum is so different, yet still an absolute banger. Thanks for this, I'm going to eat some cupcakes now.
    PS: Extra points for the artwork and the title Countach This!
  8. die fast die fast
    by pogendroblem
    Le Café se Fast Le Café se Fast
  9. Erziehung zur Müdigkeit
    by pogendroblem
    Le Café C'est Moi Le Café C'est Moi
  10. pogendroblem
    by pogendroblem
    AFD Motherfucker AFD Motherfucker
  11. Advance EP
    by Opposition Of One
    Kill Your TV Kill Your TV
  12. haste nich gesehn! (EP/2017)
    markus erloeser markus erloeser
  13. Go! Go! Go!
    Wake Up Wake Up
  14. I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead
    by Future Nightmares
    Who would have thought, that an 8 minute track could be too short. This is so good, can't wait for more.
  15. Team
    by Laura Lee & the Jettes
  16. Justine
    by Laura Lee & the Jettes
  17. Allt í einu
    by Ari Árelíus
  18. Mixtape '94 (EP)
    by Keiji Otarii
    fuck me sensei fuck me sensei
  19. Adventure Club, Pt. 2
    by Miles Matrix
  20. Farm b/w Lift
    by Skullcrusher
    Farm Farm