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  1. The Unheard Mixtape 3: Chamber Music
    by Matthew Evan Taylor
  2. Floating Into Infinity
    by Benjamin Louis Brody
  3. The Unheard Mixtape 2: Language of the Unheard
    by Matthew Evan Taylor
  4. The Grey Land
    by Numinous
  5. The Unheard Mixtape 1: Follow to the End
    by Matthew Evan Taylor
  6. Drift Multiply
    by Tristan Perich
  7. Danger: Diabolik
    by Morricone Youth
  8. The Last Porno Show Original Soundtrack
    by Morricone Youth
  9. Gold Record
    by Bill Callahan
  10. Hannah Lash - Sonata for Harp
    by Hannah Lash
  11. Punisher
    by Phoebe Bridgers
  12. Sub Plot II
    by Jonny Drop
  13. Inner Garden
    by Travis Laplante, Yarn/Wire
  14. Planetary Candidate
    by Michi Wiancko
  15. Mass for the Endangered
    by Sarah Kirkland Snider
  16. Voler
    by Grace Ferguson
  17. Vespertine
    by This Will Destroy You
  18. Wetlands (Part 2)
    by SUSS
  19. Clarinet and String Quartet
    by Morton Feldman
  20. Triadic Memories / Morton Feldman * CUICATL COLLECTION (CONTEMPORARY MUSIC)
    by Pascale Berthelot