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Dereck Blackburn

  1. Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Rock
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  1. Precious Blood
    by Ghosts and Vodka
  2. 4 movements
    by Ember Wreath
  3. Hold Me Close and You Can Hear the Sea
    by Plot Against Rachel
  4. Holy Gifts
    by Holy Gifts
  5. Sinister Webs (rough mix)
    by Matt Talbott
  6. missing pieces: loose buttons, apocrypha, and demos, 2002-2019
    by n. m. garcia
  7. Year One Demos
    by American Football
  8. Jen Wood EP
    by Jen Wood
  9. mira
    by mira
  10. I Nine Lives
    by Rogozo
  11. Speeding Away to Someday
    by Fleeting Joys
  12. The And / Breath
    by Horse Mode
  13. Salt
    by The Lack
  14. Speaking of Witches
    by Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen
  15. Ultraviolet
    by Sidewave
  16. Don't Feel That
    by Lost Dog
    Lost dog is reminders of songs to color in your fingernails, midwest sunsets that replay like cherished missteps of youth, realization that shared experience leaves you somehow unable to tell raindrops from tears. DFT is like being addicted to speed but wrapped in cellophane. The sound is guitars through amphetamines. The louder it gets the easier it is to understand.
  17. DFT
    by Lost Dog
  18. Emerald Cures Chic Ills
    by The History Of Colour TV
  19. Blossom (demo) / Be Seeing You
    by soccer mommy
  20. Drum Sample
    by Big Nice Studio