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  2. Funk
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  1. Antique Soul
    by Smoove & Turrell
  2. Stratos Bleu Remixed
    by Smoove & Turrell
  3. Stratos Bleu
    by Smoove & Turrell
  4. Live at Middlesbrough Town Hall with the Northern Orchestra
    by Cattle & Cane
    Sold My Soul Sold My Soul
  5. Cattle & Cane EP
    by Cattle & Cane
    Have You Been In The Wars Again? Have You Been In The Wars Again?
  6. Music for The Long Dark — Volume One
    by Hinterland Studio
  7. All Hallows Forever (Demos, Oldies and That)
    by Dressed Like Wolves
    by Dressed Like Wolves
    Dying in Space Dying in Space
  9. There Still Are Mysteries
    by F E L L
  10. TangerineCat
  11. Kuolema
  12. Analogue Heart
    by The Shooting Of...
    The Captain Of My Soul The Captain Of My Soul
    amazing live & the album doesn't disappoint!
  13. Ghetto Funk Presents: The Funk Hunters (GFPD04)
    by Ghetto Funk
  14. Ghetto Funk Presents: DJ Wood (GFPD16)
    by Ghetto Funk
  15. Shindig 2014 - Afterhours Compilation
    by Various Artists
    The Allergies - As We Do Our Thing The Allergies - As We Do Our Thing
  16. Ghetto Funk Presents: Allstar 45 (GFP08)
    by Funk Ferret, Goodgroove & DJ Soo
  17. Ghetto Funk Presents: Father Funk (GFP018)
    by Father Funk
  18. Ghetto Funk Presents: Howla (GFPD18)
    by Ghetto Funk
  19. Ghetto Funk Presents: J-Roc (GFP06)
    by J-Roc
  20. Ghetto Funk Presents: Featurecast (GFPD10)
    by Ghetto Funk