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  1. Emptiness and Other Such Places
    by St. Terrible
    Emptiness Pt. I Emptiness Pt. I
    An amazing collection of songs and amazing for a record with only three songs on. The folksiness really shines through on it and the mood is maintained the whole way through and especially in emptiness I, II and III. Good work duderinos
  2. Salad Days
    by Mac DeMarco
    Goodbye Weekend Goodbye Weekend
    this album, is great for so many reasons, in my opinion its mac's best work, it feels nostalgic and is nice too turn onto and zone out to 10/10 masterpiece - also the gatefold LP is amazing, vinyl is just a whole different great experiance
  3. The Gospel of Nothingness (V. 1)
    by St. Terrible + Psych Mt. Revival
    Nothingness Vs. the Optimistic Spirit Nothingness Vs. the Optimistic Spirit
    a really good collection of songs which really showcase the talent of these guys, i mean the whole thing just feels like a center parks advert, its great,its one of the most emotionally charged albums that is really just a pleasure to listen to
  4. 2
    by Mac DeMarco
    Ode To Viceroy Ode To Viceroy
    one of my favourite albums ever, great mood which is maintained throughout most of the record, and also ode to viceroy and my kind of woman are some of the best songs I've ever heard (great music videos as well)
  5. Thy Mission (feat. Mac DeMarco)
    by The Garden
    i love this song so much, its a perfect short, kinda punk but indie-ish song that is catchy enough so most people can enjoy it
  6. The Wonderful End of the World: Side A
    by St. Terrible
    Skinless (Bodiless Dances for the End of Days) Skinless (Bodiless Dances for the End of Days)
    this album is amazing just like all of their others Zach is an amazing musician, I really really hope I get to meet and see these guys live one day, absolutely brilliant.
  7. The Wonderful End of the World: Side B (B-Sides and Demos)
    by St. Terrible
    Glinliv Glinliv
    a great piece of work by st terrible, again Zach showcases his talent as a songwriter and a musician
  8. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Should Have Known Better Should Have Known Better
    honestly fr just mfn sad music

  9. Polandskull
    by Bryncom
    da bus selfie 4 today

    (bryn please mix da bass on @ringringtrain 's ep lmao)
  10. Year of the Mash
    by Death Grips
  11. Hate Male (DEMO)
    by Queen Zee
    Anxiety (Demo) Anxiety (Demo)
    its cool to see where queen zee started with these songs which are now fan favourites and have been re-released on to their EP's and singles now, these songs are truly underrated
  12. Glinliv
    by St. Terrible
  13. Eat My Sass EP
    by Queen Zee
    I Hate Your New Boyfriend I Hate Your New Boyfriend
    this was the record that got me into queen zee after seeing them live and introduced me to so many different bands, some really good songs which really showcaase their attitude and style, to their music and is a silly but serious record in the best way 10/10 good work
  14. Sass or Die / Medicine
    by Queen Zee
    Medicine Medicine
    queen zee really are one of my favourite artists,and this new single has a lot going for itself, its nice to see a older song, and see it polished up and re-released into this
  15. Lights Out
    by Dead Naked Hippies
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  16. I Can't Wait
    by Dead Naked Hippies