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  1. Cybermagic Tales
    by Fixions
  2. De Vermis Mysteriis
    by High On Fire
  3. Together with Ukraine
    by Together with Ukraine
  4. Get Thee to a Nunnery
    by The Garrys
  5. Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull
  6. Visions of Trismegistos
  7. Luminiferous
    by High On Fire
  8. Live in Ghent
    by BRUTUS
  9. Heavy Electricity
    by No Spill Blood
  10. Feast for Water
    by Messa
  11. Heartwork (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Carcass
  12. Ex-Girl - Kero Kero Kero (1999 Japanese Girl Punk) SR11
    by Ex-Girl
  13. Feast for Water
    by Messa
    The Seer The Seer
    Amazing album. Not much else to say. The album seems old and new at the same time, the mix is fantastic, and the album as a whole is definitely worth the vinyl price.
    Looking forward to hearing more from Messa in the future.
  14. Beam Error disc 1
    by Floatpoint
  15. Treatment disc 1
    by Phil Western
  16. We Have Come to Bless this House
    by Phil Western
  17. Treatment disc 2
    by Phil Western
  18. DAT Hell disc 2: 1996 to 2003
    by Phil Western
  19. Mora Smile/Hearing Your Voice
    by Phil Western
  20. Melodium
    by Phil Western