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  1. The Complete Cellout Vol. 01
    by Celldweller
    So Long Sentiment (Toksin's Anhedonia Mix) So Long Sentiment (Toksin's Anhedonia Mix)
  2. End of an Empire (Instrumentals)
    by Celldweller
    New Elysium (Instrumental) New Elysium (Instrumental)
  3. End of an Empire (Deluxe Edition)
    by Celldweller
    New Elysium New Elysium
  4. Demo Vault: Wasteland
    by Celldweller
    Love and Money (2007 Demo) Love and Money (2007 Demo)
  5. Demo Vault
    by Celldweller
  6. Blackstar (Original Score)
    by Celldweller
    The Possibilities of Purpose The Possibilities of Purpose
  7. New Elysium (Celldweller VIP) [Single]
    by Celldweller
  8. Hate (Single)
    by Raizer
  9. esoteric velociti paradox [remixes]
    by Rom Di Prisco
  10. Haunted Memory Bank
    by Rom Di Prisco
  11. Intergalactic (Single)
    by Seething Akira
    Intergalactic (Instrumental) Intergalactic (Instrumental)
  12. Make It Out Alive (feat. Man Ov God) [Single]
    by SWARM x Sentinel Complex
  13. Duel of the Fates (Single)
    by Void Chapter
  14. SWARM & Dani King - Heartless
    by SWARM
  15. Fight For Your Life EP
    by SWARM
    Anyone But Me (w/ SOUNDR) Anyone But Me (w/ SOUNDR)
  16. Alpha & Omega
    by SWARM
  17. The End of All Things
    by SWARM
  18. Antisleep Vol. 04
    by Blue Stahli
    Car Chase Club Action Car Chase Club Action
  19. Antisleep Vol. 03
    by Blue Stahli
    Suit Up Suit Up
  20. Blue Stahli (Deluxe Edition)
    by Blue Stahli
    ULTRAnumb ULTRAnumb