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  1. Remixes for the Masses
    by Depeche mode
    Ghost (Techni-ka Remix) Ghost (Techni-ka Remix)
    Nice tribute to DP with a special mention to the "Ghost" and "Somebody" remixes.
  2. Ballads of Hyrule
    by Rozen
    Kass's Theme Kass's Theme
    This album is a masterpiece if you're a Zelda fan. The instrumentation is rich. I'm really feeling the presence of the kingdom of Hyrule while listening to it.
  3. Dangerous Days
    Humans Are Such Easy Prey Humans Are Such Easy Prey
    Feel the powor of Pertubator ;)
  4. The Gamer Generation
    by SkyMarshall Arts
    Emulate the Past Emulate the Past
    First time I heard a track by SkyMarshall Arts it was "Emulate the past" on Slay Radio. I only recently discover this album and and it was worth the buy.
  5. ISMVA001.1
    by Ismus
    Cluster (Original Mix) Cluster (Original Mix)
    Nice consistency with the tracks. A very good mix of acid and dark bangers.
  6. Selections 2019 Vol.2 (free download!)
    by Zenon Records
    Pepejal Pepejal
    As the track by ETN says what you will find here are some nice simply complicated minimalist techno tracks.
  7. Bipolar Bear
    by Azureflux
    Duty Cycle GB Duty Cycle GB
    Those chip tracks bring some happiness. Good job soldier !
  8. Mean Machine
    by Azureflux
    Wizard House Wizard House
    These chips sounds always bring back some good memories. It's even better when the tracks are good. And this little album does it wonderfully.