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  1. Lessening
    by Ralph Kinsella
    Lung Noises Lung Noises
    Gorgeous. Lies somewhere between ambient music and shoegaze, and is distinctively musical among most other beatless/textural releases. At times it kinda sounds like Slowdive's Just For a Day with everything muted but the guitars. Gotta love that.
  2. Supernova Remnant
    by Gemini Revolution
    Pure Air Pure Air
    I described this album to a friend as “kosmiche-styled space jams, ambient builders, and textured dream-droppers.” I'm not backing down from that description. Love it!
  3. Deepstaria
    by San Mateo
    pilot waves pilot waves
    Tranquil. Spacey. Understated. Fuzzed-out. Like that ancient TV with the plastic knob, caught between channels in the middle of the night, one show fading in as the other fades out. Also, essential.
  4. So Soon The Dark
    by More Ghost Than Man
    The All-Seeing Eye The All-Seeing Eye
    Terry Grant excels at casting ominous electronic soundscapes. Combined with the haunted dystopian imagery of his 16-minute sci-fi film (included with the album download) he's come up with a work that really gets under the skin. Ominous tunes for ominous times.
  5. Unsuspecting
    by Monta at Odds
    Discard Discard
    Monta At Odds' unearthed debut is filled to the rim with spacious sounds that quote sand dunes and far-away lands. Though nearly 15 years have passed, the album remains pleasingly contemporary, comprised of restrained beats, fourth world atmospherics, and ghostly voices echoing to the present. Perfect for road trips and full moon gliding.
  6. Sonet Ring
    by San Mateo
    polywater polywater
    I wouldn't have been surprised if I discovered this music while searching for covert numbers stations on a crackly shortwave radio. San Mateo epitomizes the eeriness of a distant signal — beaming in from somewhere else, but somewhere familiar. A ghost in the machine … recommended!
  7. Everything Impossible Is Far Away
    by More Ghost Than Man
    Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes
    'Everything Impossible …' gives us the darkness and the light, though mostly darkness. But its foreboding soundtrack suits any lonely occasion, deepening the environment and sending thoughts into subterranean whirls. Best of all it's a musical trip, with striking melodic phrases appearing when one least expects. A sublime effort.
  8. Peak Of Eternal Light
    by Monta At Odds
  9. Tapes and Ghosts
    by David Newlyn
    Years Years
    Newlyn’s sound on Tapes and Ghosts is an earthy flavor of ambient, at times resembling the Eno-y vintage of floaty music, as on “Surfacing“, where pianos meet string pads on the edge of discordance. “Sunset” follows suit, with a gentle guitar lightly overtaken by shimmering synths once daylight gives way to the spectral. And on "Year," a muffled spirit-speech accompanies Newlyn’s sheets of overlapping strings and melodic snatches. Heartfelt and wistful, like wandering far from home.
  10. The Darkroom
    by Michael Bratt
    You Belong Here (feat. Bruce Middle) You Belong Here (feat. Bruce Middle)
    Based on the weight of talent and intellect on The Darkroom, you might expect an album that’s heavy and impenetrable. But it’s a soulful listen, very human and reflective, with many moments that are gently disarming. “You Belong Here” comes to mind, with processed guitars and subtly droning electronics conveying a comfortable loneliness.
  11. Thoughts & Abandonment
    by danielfuzztone
    Repeat After Me Repeat After Me
    danielfuzztone eschews DAWs and soft-synths for hardware noise-makers and a modest but strategic collection of guitar pedals. The result is a gritty atmosphere with more in common with Cluster, Suicide, and Klaus Schulze than contemporary signposts. But this isn’t a throw-back — these layered drones and gentle ambient melodies could slide easily into any modern “Music To Space Out To” playlist.
  12. Our Hands Against The Dusk
    by Rachika Nayar
    The Trembling of Glass The Trembling of Glass
    When one listens closely, there are many opportunities to identify what Nayar is up to, but her execution is nuanced and organic, despite the music’s inherent digitalness. The effect is mesmerizing — dancing somewhere between music that’s ambient, experimental, and perhaps influenced by modern classical — but, most of all, it’s affecting. The emotion that went into creating this album is anything but disguised.
  13. The Spectral Corridor
    by The House In The Woods
  14. A Communal Compilation
    by Joggers Vol. 1
  15. Sanctuary
    by The Lifted Index
  16. Deep Blue View
    by Jim Noir
  17. 'NINE'
    by SAULT
  18. holds
    by Jogging House
  19. Memory Color: Orange
    by Elijah Knutsen
  20. Yesteryear
    by Andrew Tasselmyer