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  1. Klaipėda, Lithuania
  2. Electronic
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  1. Lobotomie
    by Sascha Funke & Niklas Wandt
  2. Mark E. Moon
    by Al Lover
  3. In Zijn Eigen Wereld
    by Pedro Martins
  4. Temple On A Road
    by Young Marco
  5. nothing else
    by breaking
  6. 4 D W
    by Julian Zyklus
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. Late Night
    by Walrus Ghost & Max Frankl
  8. Le Pêcheur
    by Ko Shin Moon
  9. Der Springer
    by Camp Inc.
  10. La Visite (Die Wilde Jagd remix)
    by Etienne Jaumet
  11. In Reaktionen
    by Sascha Funke
  12. Tabu - Allein (New mix)
    by Tabu
  13. Conrad & Gregor Schnitzler - The Shark Eats Ice
    by Conrad Schnitzler Und Gregor Schnitzler
  14. Zulette
    by Krikor
  15. Onda Vaselina
    by Krikor
  16. Dolijute (Manfredas Remix)
  17. The Hiding Place (El Escondite)
    by Suso Saiz
  18. Hadean
    by Thousand Foot Whale Claw
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Cosmic Winds
    by Thousand Foot Whale Claw
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Himalaya (with Akaihirume) [Single Edit]
    by Carl Stone
  21. Fifteen Saxophones
    by Dickie Landry
    appears in 1 other collection
  22. Meister
    by C-Schulz
  23. A1 Nando De Luca - Kamasultra
    by Early Sounds Recordings
  24. B1 Office Activity
    by Klaus Krüger
  25. Kathmandu (Zoltán Re-Edit) 106 BPM
    by Turan Disco
  26. 'Whales Unt Space (featuring Mike Roma)'
    by Koosh n' Murge
    appears in 1 other collection
  27. Bamboo Room
    by Weird Weather
  28. Spass Maschine ft. Dino Schanze
    by Keys
  29. D1 Smíš mnohem dál
    by Endless Illusion
  30. November, 1st in Detroit
    by Slow Attack Ensemble
  31. Dur For Vitus
    by Kasper Bjørke Quartet
  32. KSY
    by Martin Kohlstedt
  33. Rattling Ghosts
    by Die Orangen
  34. Metal Man (Tapan Remix)
    by Die Orangen
  35. Black (Trentemoller Remix)
  36. Villa Stavros
    by Mudd & Pollard
    by Ground
  38. Nigredo
    by Macadam Mambo
  39. Electronic Tribalism
    by Macadam Mambo
  40. Neon Lights
    by Macadam Mambo
  41. I Wake Up Tired
    by Better Person
  42. Recall (Autarkic Remix)
    by Chloé feat. Ben Shemie
  43. Icebergs
    by Typesun
  44. Mein Tanzlied
    by Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer
    by LAVA LA RUE