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  1. Havona
    by Sirian
  2. Backstage Gurus - Mediterranean Odyssey
    by Liquid Sound Design
  3. The 50th Parallel
    by Various Artists
  4. Raven Dub
    by Mantra Move
  5. E-Mantra - Drifting
    by Ensancha El Alma Records
  6. E-Mantra - Drifting
    by Ensancha El Alma Records
  7. Perspective
    by Sykespico
  8. Biosynthesis
    by Abiogenesis - Altar records
  9. Aftermath 2.0 | Archives of peace
    by AES DANA
    Aftermath # 04 Aftermath # 04
    Aftermath sounds heavily similar to Leylines, but much slower. This is also the shortest album from Aes Dana, but a great one to pick up on.
  10. Alkaline (24bits)
    by AES DANA feat. MIKTEK
  11. Cut. (24bits)
    by AES DANA feat. MIKTEK
  12. Inks (24bit)
    by AES DANA
  13. Leylines
    by AES DANA
    Alignments Alignments
    Aes Dana takes a new turn with Leylines compared to Season 5 and Memory Shell, making it sound darker, but the mystic sound is a whole new level. The intro pulls you into the album right away, where the outro ends the journey through mysticism and time.
  14. Memory Shell
    by AES DANA
    Submorphing Submorphing
    With Memory Shell, Vincent takes the same approach in Season 5 but changes it in such a way so it's a new journey to behold.
  15. Perimeters
    by AES DANA
    Resin (overspring edit) Resin (overspring edit)
    Moving from Leylines, Perimeters doesn't have all of the dark sound compared to Leylines, but does keep hold of some of it. It's very emotional, especially near the ending of the album.
  16. Pollen (24bit)
    by AES DANA
    Horizontal rain - 24bit Horizontal rain - 24bit
    Pollen moves on from Perimeters, keeping the same mystic sound as Vincent's earlier albums, but bringing the speed up further than Perimeters. It's not a fast album, but it's faster than his previous work. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact, the higher tempo really makes this album stand out.
  17. Pollen (24bit)
    by AES DANA
    Horizontal rain - 24bit Horizontal rain - 24bit
  18. Far & Off (24bits)
    by AES DANA feat. MIKTEK
    Far & Off - 24bit Far & Off - 24bit
    Far & Off goes back to the roots of Leylines. It's a dark album, but with the sounds found in Perimeters and Pollen. Not all the sounds, however. The eerie piano from Leylines makes a comeback here.
  19. Season 5
    by AES DANA
    Natti Natti Natti Natti
    This album is so massively different compared to the first Asura album, which Vincent worked on. However, it's a great start, and is possibly the slowest album for Aes Dana. This by no means makes it bad. Season 5 starts the 'mystic' sound you often get with Aes Dana.
  20. The Unexpected Hours (24bits)
    by AES DANA feat. MIKTEK
  21. Manifold
    by AES DANA
  22. Inks (24bit)
    by AES DANA
  23. Achieving Moksha
    by Agnetivax - Sita Records
  24. Spira Mirabilis
    by Ajja - Tip Records
  25. The Tree of Life [24bits]
    by AKSHAN
  26. The Rise of Atlantis [24Bits]
    by AKSHAN
  27. World Of Duality
    by AKSHAN
  28. Aural Architecture
    by alucidnation
  29. Long Life Forest
    by ALWOODS
  30. Stardust
    by Alwoods - Altar Records
  31. V.A Three OM Three
    by Various
  32. DIGISEEDS (24bits)
    by V/A - Compiled by Ambientium
  33. a good place to be
    by another fine day
  34. The Architect Of Time
    by ARGUS
  35. Deep Water
    by ARGUS
  36. Field of Dreams
    by ARGUS
  37. Crossing The Rubicon
    by Arronax
  38. Ascoil Sun - Emergence
    by Moon Koradji Records
    Ascoil Sun - Chant Of The Machines Ascoil Sun - Chant Of The Machines
    By far some of the most unique psychedelic music I have ever come across. This album stands out with a mixture of many styles in one.
  39. Goa Classics Remixed
    by Astral Projection - Tip Records
  40. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light
    by Astral Projection
  41. Magnetique
    by Astral Waves - Altar Records
  42. 360 (24bits)
    by ASURA
  43. Radio Universe (24bits)
    by ASURA
  44. Evolutionary Voyage [24/48khz]
    by AURORAX
  45. Last Train to Lhasa
    by Banco De Gaia