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  1. 2023 Label Sampler
    by Wise Blood Records
  2. Faster Than the Devil 2
    by Vicious Blade / Blasted Heath / The Gauntlet / Bastard Cröss
  3. 2022 Compilation
    by Wise Blood Records
  4. Ardent Nova
    by Ardent Nova
  5. A Different Kind of Hell
    by Bloodletter
  6. Seasons Dreaming Death
    by GraveRipper
  7. Gristle, Bruised Spots, & Trimmed Fat
    by Suffer
  8. Fires in the Fall
    by Krigsgrav
  9. Entitled to Death
    by Larvae
  10. Murder Sessions (Demo 2022)
    by Flesher
  11. Baby Eater Witch
    by Black Knife
  12. Morbid Arousal
    by Viscous
  13. BloodBath Demo
    by Theocracy AD
    It was 91’ when I first saw Bloodbath at Hickman Hanger. I was 15 and my first time experiencing live Metal music, let alone that these guys were about Christ. I was always grateful knowing that I could still be free listening to Death Metal. 30 years later I still walk in the shadow of Death. I shall fear no evil. Mahalo for that show. So glad I stumbled on your band camp.
  14. Death Spa - "Body Horror"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  15. Mucho Mungo - "Moth Bath"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  16. Death is Nothing to Us
    by Fiddlehead
  17. Cool & Remix (US Orders Only)
    by Dubamine, Nazamba, OBF
  18. Born in the Crypt
  19. Born in the Crypt
  20. Rotting on the Vine