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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Early Morning Music
    by Uglypitch Records
  2. Russian Furs
    by Hobgoblin
  3. Welfare feat. Rahim Thornhill (2020)
    by Eastern Sunz
  4. High End Cloths
    by Planet Asia x DirtyDiggs
  5. The Message of Tha Liks
    by Groove Liberator, Tha Liks
  6. Flechette
    by Shrapknel
  7. J.PERIOD Presents... OutKast: ReFixed [Mixtape]
    by J.PERIOD
  8. J.PERIOD Presents The Live Mixtape: Queensbridge Finest [Recorded Live]
    by J.PERIOD
  9. J.PERIOD Presents... The [Abstract] Lost Tapes [Mixtape]
    by J.PERIOD
  10. J.PERIOD Presents The Live Mixtape: Marauders Edition [ATCQ Tribute]
    by J.PERIOD
  11. J.PERIOD Presents... The [Abstract] Best [Mixtape]
    by J.PERIOD
  12. 7 Figure Patterns
    by DirtyDiggs
  13. Into the Infinity (The Outlaw Ocean)
    by Behind Clouds x Hallugenetic
  14. Yesterday Is Over
    by QThree
  15. '95 Vibe:The Beat Tape
    by Serf
  16. Blinding Light (Single)
    by Fold
  17. Mr President, We’re In Trouble (Single)
    by Fold
  18. Be Water My Friend / Just (Split Single)
    by Fold
  19. Choose Love (Single)
    by Fold
  20. Human Again (Single)
    by Fold