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  1. Fever Daydream(5 Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
    by The Black Queen
    Porcelain Veins(2011 demo) Porcelain Veins(2011 demo)
    As a longtime fan of this band, this is a must have between the instrumentals, acapellas (remixes???) And demos this makes buying this album a second time all the worthwhile! I look forward to LP3 or a similar anniversary edition with Infinite Games :D
  2. Bundled: Remastered Faces Forms and Illusions, Morpheus, Syrophenikan, Spiritual Archives, Stone Tower, Spheres I, Spheres II
    by Delerium
    Of The Tribe Of The Tribe
    I didn't know about this release until today (june 30th), and I've been trying to build up a collection of these classic albums so I could complete the collection. I am overjoyed that these awesome albums are getting some love finally as well as NEW UNRELEASED TRACKS!!! That being said, some tracks from previous releases are missing from here, which is a real shame. Still a fantastic starting point for fans of dark ambient music!
  3. V
    by Voyager
    Seasons of Age Seasons of Age
    I remember hearing this album way back when it just came out, listening to it on YT on repeat. And now I have it in 2022 on CD! Excellent for fans of prog metal, with a nice balance of genres.
  4. Be Left to Oneself
    by Keosz
    There's something serene and quiet about this that is mesmerising, this is the kind of album that you can put on repeat and let wash over you for hours.
  5. Orbitus
    by Access To Arasaka
  6. sketchbook vol #1: 12-17
    by Slime Girls
  7. Light Years
    by Stellardrone
    Red Giant Red Giant
    I remember hearing this album many years ago and being blown away by what I can only describe as MAGESTY. An album that has both large grand moments as well as more quiet ones. A real sci-fi post rock wonderland!
  8. my best friends are dragonflies
    by Emily June
  9. oblique
    by Emily June
  10. Mercy (Reprise) [feat. Wishlyst]
    by QORA
    by QORA
  12. Antihero
    by QORA
  13. Equinox EP
    by QORA
  14. Lost
    by QORA
  15. After
    by QORA
  16. Endurance
    by NeuroWulf
  17. ERA
    by zYnthetic
  18. Autumn Every Day
    by Jamie Paige
  19. Virtue
    by Jamie Paige & Drainpuppet
  20. Genesis
    by Paleowolf