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  1. Supernatural Buffalo
    by Supernatural Buffalo
  2. Feast for Water
    by Messa
  3. Deli Bal
  4. Time Messer
    by Multishiva
    Cleazar Bång Cleazar Bång
    If you like ştiu nu ştiu and oranssi pazuzu, (and you should...) this is another most welcome mindf**k!
  5. S/T
    by Straytones
  6. Funk City Revolutions
  7. Valley Queen - Singles
    by Valley Queen
  8. Liquid Orbit
    by Liquid Orbit
  9. Medicine
    by Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree
  10. Black Stuff
    by Val Cale
  11. She's a Believer
    by The Black Heart Death Cult
  12. Alongside the Traveller
    by Red Bowling Ball
  13. Shot Down Young
    by Shot Down Young
  14. Fake End
    by Ştiu Nu Ştiu
    Wicked, brain melting psych awesomeness, feels like acid butter (good name for a blog...)
  15. A New Nature
    by Esben and the Witch
  16. Grajo
    by Grajo
  17. Gone So Long
    by Haunted Leather
  18. Cheyenne
    by Cheyenne
  19. Dream Living
    by BuffaloHawk
  20. Pronounce This!
    by Salem's Pot
  21. Beyond Oblivion
    by Oak
  22. I Am What I'm Becoming
    by Strippers in Love
  23. Bloodspit
    by DM
  24. Somewhere, Nowhere
    by Old Natives
  25. Primal Gnosis
    by Horse Latitudes
  26. Facing the Sky(Backwards)
    by Muddy Brothers
  27. Given to Emptiness (2015)
    by Arenna
  28. Ghost
    by Blackwater Prophet
  29. Desintegración
  30. Dead Chants And Forbidden Melodies
    by OTEHI
  31. Hand of the Hills
    by Hand of the Hills
  32. Remedies
    by Rosechild
    You You
    Fantastic female smooth vocals that seem to caress my ears. Won me over on first listen! Really looking forward to a full lenght ;)
  33. Leave It All Behind Sessions
    by The Flying Eyes
  34. La Mancha Negra
    by La Mancha Negra
  35. Endless Fire
    by Endless Fire
  36. Smoke
    by Smoke
  37. Before The Fog Covers The Mount
    by 1886
  38. Second Wind
    by Fever Dog
  39. Volume One
    by Fever Dog
  40. Black Cross / Black Shield
    by Bohannons
  41. Healer
    by CHILD
  42. Ulvesang
    by Ulvesang
  43. Damned by Fate
    by Red Desert
  44. Yuri Gagarin (2014 Remix)
    by Yuri Gagarin
  45. The Other Side Of The End
    by Niche Sav.