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  1. Nitelight plays: Death's Symbolic
    by Nitelight
  2. Order Divine
    by Hinayana
  3. An Evening With ANACRUSIS - Live at Delmar Hall 2019
    by Anacrusis
  4. The Negationist
    by Æolian
  5. Through the Fire with Closed Eyes
    by Legio Sergia
  6. Uinuos Syömein Sota
    by Havukruunu
  7. The Larval Hope
    by Sallow Moth
  8. As Skin Turns To Flesh (EP)
    by Regicide (IND)
  9. Cephalopodic Void
    by Dawn of Ouroboros
  10. Open Eye
    by Orbit Culture
  11. Sermon Of Apathy
    by Desolator
  12. The Art of Morphology
    by Dawn of Ouroboros
  13. Messianic
    by Dark Divinity
  14. Prophetic Flame
    by Eluvian
  15. Eldritch Rites
    by Lūmenwood
  16. Humanity Will Echo Out
    by Night Crowned
  17. The Funeral Pyre
    by KVAEN
  18. Ends of the Earth
    by Euphoreon
  19. Two Demons
    by Warforged
  20. Seventh Within
    by Hellrune