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  1. Natalie´s (remastered)
    by INVISIBLE LIMITS (official)
  2. Golden Dreams (x-tended mix)
    by INVISIBLE LIMITS (official)
  3. Kill me dearly (remastered)
    by INVISIBLE LIMITS (official)
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  4. Natalies (Chill Out Mix)
    by INVISIBLE LIMITS (official)
  5. Natalies Basic Mix
    by INVISIBLE LIMITS (official)
  6. You Make Lovin' Fun (Trailmix edit)
    by Trailmix
  7. Agobio
    by Climas Interiores
    Passion and synth atmospherics building on a feeling of urgency. Love the sounds.
  8. Tardes Sombrías
    by Climas Interiores
  9. El Olvido
    by Climas Interiores
    Horas Horas
    Horus has a beautiful desperation in the haunting synths, and the beats and vocals are full of energy.
  10. Malestares
    by Climas Interiores
  11. Love for Sale
    by Kathleen Saadat with Thomas Lauderdale and Pink Martini
  12. I R E
    by ANI
    Beautiful elegiac anthem. Like a ballad by Cocteau Twins awash in Synthestasia.
  13. The Horror
    by Sematary Fox
    It‘s a trhrill ride! Danceable and spooky at the same time.
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    by Chrome
    Stranger from Another World (From Another Galaxy) Stranger from Another World (From Another Galaxy)
    My second favorite of Damon Edge's Chrome after "Alliance". One for the ages, and the remastering is excellent.
  15. birdsung (We Are Replica Remix)
    by scott crow, birthCenter, We Are Replica
    Nice Chrome style slab of electro-funk. Love the vocal effects, and the mood. My favorite new groove.
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  16. I Represent The Darkness
    by Rude 66
    This has everything, modern 80s future retro grooves, dark lyrics, vocoder. A highlight of new dystopian dance music.
  17. Souvenir (Featuring Darrin Campbell Huss)
    by Dynalectric Orchestra
    My first collaboration with Dynalectric Orchestra. Breezy Synth recreation of a classic 80s hymn.
  18. Infinity Sign
    by Stephen Huss
    Infinity Sign Infinity Sign
    Some all-time favourites from Stephen's instrumentals. His artistry and range shines through on this collection.
  19. Touchlight Buddhas - digital album
    by NO MORE
    TOUCHLIGHT BUDDHAS (Previously unreleased) TOUCHLIGHT BUDDHAS (Previously unreleased)
    Great song choices and mixes. Turnaround is fantastic, and Torchlight Buddhas is magical.
  20. Intimacy (Reborn)
    by Psyche
    Broken Heart Broken Heart
    This album contains the last recordings made with my brother, and some of the widest ranging experiments in electronic music for Psyche. Dark, loungey, and vibrant. Love Is A Winter with Mark Hessburg stands out on it's own as the first attempt at a more classical approach to Synthpop. Crucible 28 represents the instrumental portion with a piece by David Kristian. Heaven In Pain was meant to begin a solo career, but instead remains an intrinsic part of Psyche as the cornerstone to Intimacy.