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  1. The Messenger
    by Pallas
  2. The Lightmaker
    by Nine Skies
  3. In Time
    by The Emerald Dawn
  4. To Touch the Sky
    by The Emerald Dawn
  5. Another World
    by Southern Empire
  6. A Dream In Static
    by Earthside
  7. Let The Truth Speak
    by Earthside
  8. Storm The Walls
    by Stray Gods
  9. A Crack In The Sky - A Tribute To William J. Tsamis
    by Stray Gods
  10. Olympus
    by Stray Gods
  11. It All Began With Loneliness
    by The Anchoret
  12. Innate Passage
    by Elder
  13. Threnody For A Dead Queen
    by Comedy Of Errors
  14. Time Machine
    by Comedy Of Errors
  15. Voyage
    by Tanith
  16. Telepathic Minds
    by Overhead
  17. The Universal Migrator (Remixed & Remastered)
    by Ayreon
  18. One Man's Grief
    by Deposed King
  19. Darker
    by Dawn
  20. The White Witch - A Symphonic Trilogy
    by Magenta