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  1. Surface Feeling
    by Tombo no Yu
  2. -2437333
    by Nostrom
  3. Scordatura
    by Tim Koch
  4. Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)
    by Brian Bennett
  5. Flat Moon Society
    by they/them
    Innovation, not in the standard chiptune way of filling every possible space with sound, but instead by holding on to minimal, sparse structures until they collapse into the unusually rich background of nanoloop mono's "not quite closed" VCAs.

    A subdued, yet mature followup to "Quid, Quare", showing a future for "retrotech" music that is rarely explored. Best enjoyed with detailed headphones, or speakers in a space with exploitable acoustics.

    Hey, these wanky reviews are fun!
  6. Mindmelt
    by Auvrel
  7. TR-404
    by Rusuden
  8. Drip (2019)
    by Amble
  9. Rogue Singularity
    by Derris-Kharlan
  10. You’re Better At This Than You Think
    by Dot.AY
  11. ENVELOPES 2 Live Set
    by polite.society
  12. Realistic Expectations
    by little-scale
  13. Quid, Quare
    by they/them
  14. Lone Trax vol. 1
    by Auvrel
  15. Mini Moves Deluxe
    by Hot Science
  16. Volume 2
    by DJ Innes
  18. ~~DΞΛDL♢CK~~
    by ~~WΛTΞR NOMΛD~~
  19. Slouch
    by Orange Drink
  20. Novum
    by Gesceap