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  1. Full Moon (free download)
    by Asaf Sirkis
    Full Moon Full Moon
    I discovered Asaf Sirkis through Bill Brufords autobiography. (An incredible book by the way, for musicians and non-musicians. Oh and even drummers!) I immediately recognized common influences from Alan Holdsworth to a host of others. An absolutely phenomenal drummer. That doesn't surprise me as Bandcamp seems to host an unbelievable number of incredibly talented artists. I truly love this venue!
  2. Melismetiq
    by Melismetiq
    Pav Pav
    This is quickly becoming my second favorite album after the Flavian Favre' Trio's Ur. Arthurs playing is articulate and spontaneous. The musical "flow" of these albums is amazing. I'm already looking forward to the next release. I'd burned to CD and had been listening in the car for three days before I slapped on the headphones. I love it even more now. The inadequate description I give you is "captivating"...
  3. Nash
    by Arthur Hnatek
    Nash - Original Nash - Original
  4. the arc lite suite
    by Arthur Hnatek
    invisible generation invisible generation