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  1. Flood
    by Stella Donnelly
  2. Blue (Single)
    by Camp Cope
  3. Running with the Hurricane
    by Camp Cope
    new music🎶 🎶 for a new year,
    thank you Camp Cope
  4. In Colour
    by Georgia State Line
    Jackson Jackson

    ♬ he’s been singin’ the blues for days on end now / he’ll sink his drink / and proceed to / pour his heart out / when I hear that song / I stop and sing along / because if I don’t / I’ll break down and cry ♬
  5. The Solution Is Restless (Album, 2021)
    by Joan As Police Woman Tony Allen Dave Okumu
    The Barbarian The Barbarian
  6. stove lighter
    by CAMP COPE

    ♬ kids from my highschool still ignore me / when they see me busking in the city :( ♬

    Camp Cope, Archive Gold

    ♬ and i think they're going somewhere to take horse tranquilliser and act like they're too cool to be there / and they'll still call me when they wanna get high ♬
  7. Lost: Season One
    by CAMP COPE
    ♬ keep running to save face / we’re still living like dogs in space / lost, with so little direction ♬
  8. Stars
    by Tracy McNeil
  9. Catch You
    by Tracy McNeil & The Goodlife
  10. Not Like a Brother
    by Tracy McNeil
  11. Atlantis
    by Olympia
  12. Flamingo
    by Olympia
    Hounds Hounds
    ♬ your reinventions endless / I’ll keep belief suspended / & heads riffs all jingle jangle / blow out your birthday candles 🎂 ♬
  13. Blonde On The Tracks
    by Emma Swift
  14. Joan As Police Woman (EP)
    by Joan As Police Woman
    My Gurl My Gurl
    ♬ straight ahead with focus / moving to my gurl / amidst the rage, the firing range and fashion / the clicking of heels surrounds me ♬

    I started listening to POLICEWOMAN after hearing this one track. Happy Birthday Joan. 🎂🎉🎈

    ♬ I'll brush the hair from my eyes / cause it's in my way / and I wanna see you see me shine ♬
  15. Live at the Scrap Museum
    by Cable Ties
    Lani (Live) Lani (Live)
    Missed the the TripleR gig in ’20 due to Covid, Did not miss the ⚡️CableTies Album Launch⚡️👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👨‍🎤@ Forum, 19th April ‘21.

    This recording is a taste of Cableties live, sans Keckers climbing the amp-stack & jamming all over the stage.

  16. The Fire Session Live in Lockdown
    by Tracy McNeil
    Stars (Live) Stars (Live)
    ♬ all this running down a dream till it hurts, only hurts you and me / so I check in with the cosmos / but they can’t take the call / they leave us hanging in the middle of nowhere, nowhere at all ♬
  17. Everywhere
    by Angie McMahon
  18. Camp Cope - Audiotree Live
    by CAMP COPE
    Keep Growing Keep Growing
    ♬ still can’t decide whether I wanna / waste money or waste my time / I’ll probably stay inside / never really been the social type ♬
  19. I'll Never Find Another You (The Seekers Cover)
    by Julia Jacklin
  20. Someday (triple j Like A Version)
    by Julia Jacklin