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  1. snapshot [Full Album]
    by biosphere
  2. Loneliness
    by Epic Mountain
  3. Always Human OST
    by walkingnorth
  4. Snow Rose
    by City Girl
  5. Time Falls Like Moonlight
    by City Girl
  6. Neon Impasse
    by City Girl
  7. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
  8. Ghost Party!
    by cYsmix
  9. Wii Shop Channel (Remix)
    by Nicky Flowers
  10. KK Cruisin' (True Remix)
    by Mesmonium
    by Diverse System
    by Diverse System
  13. homesick beats ep
    by luvbird
  14. Allure w/ park bird
    by Sky.High
  15. touhou fusion 「Spreading Full Colors」
    by nyohi, Tokunam(demetori), Kyuuhouji(Demetori), Pot-tun, majinn, 観城はるか, ありさわ
  16. Polymorphose
    by TBK
  17. Black or White
    by 雄之助/Yunosuke
  18. The DOTA 2 Official Soundtrack
    by Valve Studio Orchestra
  19. Vocaloe
    by Aika, NUID, Krizin, ODDEEO, OfJapan, SOUNDSCVPE, Trifect, Yu dachi, Stepic
    by Frozen Starfall
  21. One Day Millennium
    by Sole Signal
  22. Coming Up Aces
    by Sole Signal
  23. Ocean of Blossoms
    by Frozen Starfall
  24. Expedition
    by Frozen Starfall
  25. Broken Record
    by Matsura
  26. Binary Blue : Answer
    by Diverse System
  27. Influencing
    by Moon-Tone
    Aperion Aperion
  28. Tou-Hop Vol 3
    by Moon-Tone
  29. A bucket full of echoes
    by Moon-Tone
  30. 2hu spooky
    by Moon-Tone
  31. Regenerating
    by Moon-Tone
    Share Share
  32. A well full of whispers
    by Moon-Tone
  33. Progressing
    by Moon-Tone
    Talismans Talismans
  34. Deprogramming
    by Moon-Tone
  35. Downtime Sessions - Toho Relax
    by Moon-Tone
  36. Downtime Sessions - Toho Chill
    by Moon-Tone
  37. Artistic disorder
    by Moon-Tone
  38. Downtime Sessions - Toho Ambient
    by Moon-Tone
  39. Fear of a funky planet
    by Moon-Tone
  40. Tou-Hop Vol 1
    by Moon-Tone
  41. Vampiris Infinium - OST
    by Moon-Tone
  42. Researching
    by Moon-Tone
    Sense Sense
  43. Beats in Space
    by Moon-Tone
  44. St. Michael's Music Academy + Side Story (Disc 3 of 3 w/ Bonus Content)
    by Marking
    Time in the Garden Time in the Garden
  45. St. Michael's Music Academy + Side Story (Disc 2 of 3)
    by Marking